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  • mr.phil2u mr.phil2u Oct 18, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    Every needs to know that .....

    Albert Gore of Tennessee says the "carbon bubble is going to burst" . Don't buy oil stock reiterates Mr. Gore. This man was almost our President. It might have been better if he had won, then there would have been no Bush and Obuma.

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    • gore is one of the great jackasses of all time. he's made millions perpetuating a total fraud called "man made global warming."

    • 30 years ago, global warming zealots predicted that the earth's temperature would increase by several degrees in the last thirty years, when the temperature actually has barely changed and is now declining slightly. What does that tell you about global warming theory?! It's totally false, of course. When a forecasting model clearly doesn't forecast accurately, you have to go back and question all the assumptions in the model and find the flaws. But GW advocates never want to do that and never admit that they're wrong.

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      • It is true of all collectivists. As it is not about rational objectivity or science, they just move onto the next fad which might be used as a tool to inflame emotions which can then be harnessed to their will.

        Early 70s the earth was certainly going into a new Ice Age. This dovetailed with the claims mass starvation was at hand due to population growth.

        But not one of those collectivists ever came back and admitted a mistake. Not even on their death beds. Such is the secular pagan religion of Progressive-Sumerian Me. Services held about half time in Jon's; the media Titian, cave in the sacred mound.

        Yet, back then not one of those clowns would have dared starved human beings and set the oil producing regions in blood lust turmoil. Now it seems if the weather will not cut the food supply and ration it from the poor, Progressives will employee the tool of crony capitalism as in corn ethanol to make it so. There is certainty to much humanity for the good of the earth mother. A variation of Progressive Eugenics and racism.

        Many will openly associate with such a monster and thank it for sharing, in public. The fruit of no shame.

      • Shoot local weather forecasters can't give you a prediction much more then 2 days out. And that is pushing it. Weather patterns have changed but hey that is weather. But the water temp has increased, The ocean is rising.

    • Gore demonstrates the truth of the old saying: "a little knowledge is dangerous." He's been completely duped by global warming nuts at NASA and the UN.

    • scienceinvestments101 scienceinvestments101 Oct 18, 2013 11:34 PM Flag

      Alfred Gore should stick to selling t.v. stations to the ARABS!! You know the Neutral ,loving, caring ,impartial, not political, friends of the USA, Al Jeezra. Thank God for Hanging Chads!!!

    • A fair point, at least we wouldn't have spent one trillion plus on "cleaning up" the Gulf war. Who cares if Saddam or one of his insane sons was still dictator in Iraq? Well, the people who would have been brutalized by them, sure, but how many fewer would be dead by now?

      As to his point on the "carbon bubble", he's not wrong, but he's using the term incorrectly, and he's way off on timing. Of course there will come a time when we quit using carbon-based fuels, but not in the time frame for making current investment decisions. What does he think, that electric cars and power plants are going to use solar-derived fuels in a material way anytime in the next decade? No chance, it will take long enough to convert some power over to natural gas, that might play out in a decade. Fusion and solar are next generation at least, fusion may not even work in that time frame.

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      • Yes time frame is at lest 25 yes for fusion.My gndkids may see the conversion.Even then will be gradual.I do feel intermediate term oil prices decrease a little.Those Linn puts may not look so silly in 6mos

      • If he is wrong about this as I have just sold all my Carbon assets i amgoing to get in my Fisker and kick his #$%$ Oh wait I don't have a fiskar and neither does anyone else. #$%$ Gore.

      • There is no need what so ever for base load solar. Not with all our natural gas in the ground and methanol hydrates.

        Fusion not in a decade. But when ever it happens every other energy sources becomes obsolete. With 1,000+ in natural gas reserves as estimated by our Geology Survey Department we have time.

        America has dramatically reduced co2 by using more natural gas even as corn ethanol dramatically increases emissions. The minimalist Obama economic recovery also assisted but this of course is not acceptable method by any lucid Americans standard.

        Germany with all their massive investment in 'alternatives energy' has only achieved economic/grid disruption and increased pollution and co2.

      • Ruby ,Mr.Gore and him Dim. minion plan to tax Carbon out of use age . With a Super Majority in the 2014 mid turn election Cap & Trade Legislation will be on the front burner with John McCain as a possible co sponsor .

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