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  • opinionsarelike33 opinionsarelike33 Oct 23, 2013 7:12 PM Flag

    If the republicans were smart

    They would stop with the ACA attacks. Merely because it ain't going to work. ACA will implode on its own and have to be reworked or. thrown out. Either way it isn't worth the fight by the republicans. They should be focusing on becoming 1 party and actually work on other projects for our country. ACA will implode on its own.

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    • No one here has mentioned that come next year all of us on this board will be paying an extra 3 1/2% on capital gains that is earmarked for Obamacare.

    • a flawed premise opie
      history would seem to support just the opposite

    • Agreed. I'm not a Republican (Independent) but it is a horrible piece of legislation that will subject us all to the law of unintended consequences - like the 360,000 folks in Florida that just got booted off their policies or the 160,000 Kaiser California patients that were toasetd. Millions will actually lose their insurance (I predict that more will lose insurance or find it completely unaffordable to the level that they will exceed the signups for Obamacare). Another unintended consequence is states putting all of their prisoners on Obamacare to shift the cost to the Federal government. Then there are hundreds of thousands that have been switched to part time employment from full time, many of which have 21 + year old children that are now also out of luck The domino effect is in force.

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      • I see it as there is no incentive. Especially for the target audience of young healthy people. From what I am seeing/reading, for the most part the penalty + an annual checkup is cheaper than the deductible, not to mention the deductible + premium. With the ability to not be denied for preexisting, it makes little financial sense for someone in that position to sign up at all. The people clamoring so far (it seems) are those with high insurance costs, because of illness or prescription costs.

        This was done in a very foolish way IMO, and no one thought about what incentives the young people would want, vs a blanket penalty that is going to catch people in real economic problems as well... It has never had popular support as a whole, though when you poll the "goodies" individually they poll high. Well duh. If you poll the performance statistics of a super car individually, they are going to be wildly popular. When you poll it with the harsh ride, poor fuel economy and COST... well, not so well... :) This whole discussion around "the parts" that are wildly popular is a very disingenuous conversation, because it is only highlighting the good points, but not the cost and negative points.

    • Opie, I thought you were a big time Obama Care cheerleader.

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