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  • xazp xazp Oct 26, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    More speculation

    I know it is pointless but here's some thoughts:

    The earnings release is being done immediately before the merger deadline. To me they're doing it in October rather than two days later in November because they're trying to push berry towards a vote or extension. You'd only do the release before the deadline if it were good news; bad news would be done after the deadline.

    Lack of CC indicates imminent news which dwarfs the earnings release. Could be good or bad, could be SEC, berry or another acquisition. I don't know. My guess is that news will come out soon, then they'll hold a conference call to discuss the news plus earnings. It's pointless to have a call Monday where people ask the standard questions, if the answer is coming out a few days later.

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    • Too funny.

      If you are going to win and win big....wouldn't you want to get as much press as you can? So you can dance in a victory lap in your doubter's faces? If there is a cleared S-4, don't you think Mr. Ellis will be the one to stand in front of the podium?

      Why the no-show? Why no cc to field questions if results will be great? IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. You can continue to spin the bad into the good, but the fact is mgmt. is trying to avoid its shareholders, and the public.

      LINN held cc for least the past year as far as I know. Why are they conveniently avoiding this one? After BRY's 10Q saying the deal won't get done by the Oct 31 deadline, and THEY can unilaterally walk away? If you can at least piece together the puzzle, idk how you can spin it any other way than what it is.

      The deal with BRY is dead.

    • Makes sense to me. Actually, 3 business days before the dead line.....a lot can happen in 3 days, including
      an SEC release. Seems to me that the SEC would do what it could to get it out before the deadline so as not
      be be a major factor in deep sixing an important deal. You can bet that LINE/LNCO was doing all it could to
      shovel information to the SEC to help speed it along.

    • Sure, who the heck knows? It sure has a lot of people spending part of their Saturday's reading a message board! Next week could be savage, one way or the other. We could be spending time in the low $20's or the low $30's before the week is out. Either way it could be lucrative, but it's going to take a strong stomach.

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      • Geesh ruby your posts act like it is life or death. Oh a strong stomach. Geesh you want a strong stomach try playing the high fliers into earnings. You people here crack me up. It is a mlp that people play for the divie.. The only worry should be if LINE can keep the double digit divie going for its investors. Whether a deal is done or not.

      • I just hope that those who believe in the long term recovery of the pps and prospects of the company will, at the least, not panic to sell if the impending news of the merger is negative.

        As they say...."when you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen" this instance, getting out should mean taking a deep breath and staying put and assess the situation with a cool head.

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