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  • borisbadenoffthe3rd borisbadenoffthe3rd Nov 5, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Goldman Sachs wants your shares, BADLY....

    They're notorious for putting negative spin on a company, or issuing a downgrade, wile accumulating shares in the company. If you don't believe it, ask someone else that if familiar with the way they do business. You'll likely be told the same thing. JMO.

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    • GS and Jim Cramer: They say sell, I buy, etc.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Goldman has had a buy on Linn and a 35 target through all this I don't think they need your shares

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      • Good point, but Goldman would much rather buy his shares at 31 during the "stress sale" mode thanks to their downgrade then sell at their price target/35. GS is smart, large & shrewd. I can assure you they would like his $31 shares to sell at $35. Those that have the GOLD make the rules.
        As for Cramer, everyone knows he talks out of both sides. He advised yesterday he likes LINE and is a buyer for anything less than $32.(He is an X GS man and knows their game)

    • And it's the poor retail shorts who get screwed by GS every time. They follow the GS lead, short as much as they can, while GS is accumulating shares for their clients (not on the broker side of the house),,,,when they are finished buying,,,,they find the right wording to give the all-clear buy.......of course you'll be buying their accumulated shares and the market makers will be all to accommodating to GS by ONLY allowing small lots to go thru at the down tick, and large lots on the uptick,,,,meanwhile, the poor retail short, is has to cover on the uptick and of course he or she won't know then GS pulls the rug, so most likely they won't see it happen immediately so by the time they see how they are being screwed and try to cover, they've lost another 10-20%. If what I am saying were not possible, and did not happen daily in the market, the large brokers would be handing out pink slips to half of their work force. It's not just day trading shorts, the same manipulations kills uninformed retail "investors:.....who pay attention to the "noise", therefore they buy high and sell low, on a daily basis. Again, if this were not true, the "street" could not be what it is.

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