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  • aghfella aghfella Nov 5, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Sounds to me

    That even tho they are hoping to close before end of year it will be at least 1st qtr 2014 before any positive money will been seen by folks like us on this board. I think the money guys are lighting up a little so as to keep their money in play, but will probably be back early Jan. Bottom line I'm think we will stay between $30 and $32 until middle of Jan and then if we get positive info we will start up bith in pps and distributions.

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    • Yeah, could be, although I think we can get north of $32 as time passes and the noise goes away. Closing Berry in December would be help, that would remove the last lingering bit of uncertainty. $35 is out as a 2013 target, that seems clear, probably we won't get another shot at that until they hike the distribution and Q4 numbers come in. The Q2 and Q3 results could give us a shot at $40, barring a market meltdown, but if you have a trading position it's going to require patience to squeeze out the last drop of profit. But there's no reason to bail, that monthly check keeps rolling on in. Time to go into sleep mode, basically, let it work.

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      • Couldn't get on call, but from the tidbits so far, would I be off base to suggest that the reason the price jumped to 1.68X was because it was a premium needed to get BRY to go through with a stock/unit deal with the SEC inquiry continuing? And, while the deal appears back on track, the price paid and the SEC inquiry would seem to put a lid on the stock for quite some time. Did they say anything at this point about the level of synergies available in 2014? Set a target? Thx.

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