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  • borisbadenoffthe3rd borisbadenoffthe3rd Nov 18, 2013 10:02 AM Flag

    52 week high is $40.22....

    ....and, during the next 52 weeks, that should easily be surpassed.
    Not too bad for income, either. After all, a $10+ gain from here along with divis will generate a 40% return. Who needs tech stocks when you have this kind of potential. The odds are in favor of the Longs right now. JMO. Other opinions welcome.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • It sure will and will top 100 in 2015. I would buy with both fist right here. Looks like a rocket ship on the one min. chart.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Not to mention the fact that the $40+ high came before a $500 Million oily Permian Basin acquisition, increased efficiencies, switch to a monthly payout, a likely accretive BRY merger, etc, etc, etc. Granted, the short attack and resultant SEC Inquiry didn't help matters, but other than a decrease in share price resulting in a time delay and a renegotiated swap ratio, there is no logical reason to believe that the previous high will be exceeded with or without BRY. It seems like there is too much impatience from a lot of very knowledgeable people on this board. Unless you are a trader, I firmly believe that we have an exceptional opportunity that will richly reward patience.

    • What do you see the distribution doing during this 12-month period that you are describing? To me all valuation for this breed of company starts there.

    • I'm sure that this will receive a loud boo, but I disagree. I see $36 - $37 as a cap this year due to the increased payment for Berry. I hope that I am wrong as I would love to see $40 as much as anyone else, but just don't think that it is realistic.

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      • I agree, there's not going to be anything easy about reaching $40 next year. This is going to be a long, hard slog, confidence is not going to be restored overnight, keeping in mind this threatened to slip into the teens just a few months ago. We're going to see a lot of ups and downs, but the year might look like this:

        From now until the deal closes - $29-31, no real momentum.
        Deal closes - $31
        Q4 earnings date set, distribution increase announced - $32
        Q4 earnings - $32-33
        Q1 earnings - $33-34
        Q2 earnings - $34-35
        Major acquisition announcement and distribution increase - $35-36
        Q3 earnings - $36-37
        2015, around April - $40, sell your 2016 calls.

        Criswell predicts!

      • My post was about the next 52 week period. You seem to have shortened it to 6 weeks, and yes, I agree about the $36-37 range for THIS year, however, the 40% I referred to was for a full year, not a month and a half.

    • TOTALLY agree!

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