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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 4, 2013 12:54 PM Flag

    No One offer apology to Jon Stewart

    No One as a singular soul Christian asks forgiveness for the pain inflicted upon you by 'Christmas' long ago.
    It is simply wrong that a sufficient amount of force or coercion was applied that you participated in a religious song. The fact that the wound/conflict is still fresh speaks for itself.

    I do Wonder about all ramifications of the Jewish people being dispersed to all the nations of the earth. Always a minority in the sweep of time yet the Jews alone kept their identity as a people. Without common boarders, language or even a unifying culture. Just a moral code which was not always accepted by faith.

    The ideals of Warden Moses Seixas were confirmed by Washington. Washington was fully aware of the significance of his endorsement of Rabbi Seixas ideals. While I have no authority on the judgement, Patriot Rabbi is accurate to me.

    "which to bigotry gives no sanction, to persecution no assistance -- but generously affording to all Liberty of conscience, and immunities of Citizenship"

    I can say Merry Diwali based on this understanding. No I could not join in as a religious observance.

    In each legend, myth and story of Deepawali lies the significance of the victory of good over evil; and it is with each Deepawali and the lights that illuminate our homes and hearts, that this simple truth finds new reason and hope. From darkness unto light — the light that empowers us to commit ourselves to good deeds, that which brings us closer to divinity.

    Not all pagans are angry hostile material nihilists.

    No One does realize this material nihilists' winter solstice must very cold and grim this year. The legions of Pinocchios unleashed to save what remains of activist government imposing collectivism upon America without regard to Ideals of Liberty. Despite vast numbers, the Pinoccinios do not seem to be able to keep the mouth of the cave clear so light can flow in.

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    • Read Roessler and Dunlop on the origin of the Ashkenazi #$%$. Not from the ME, so not scattered. This does not apply to Sephardic #$%$.

      • 2 Replies to williamlebotschy
      • Now now. I assure you America's great and terrible Curmudgeon of Christmas was born with the Gift of Liberty and therefore full Individual self agency. It is his choice of the ancient and primitive Me religion of random material determinism of #$%$ happens, which holds him in place. It is not determined except his thinking makes it so.

        I have no desire to offend any fellow Americans. But it is very foolish to suppose the Jews displaced by Caesar's diaspora 'evolved' in the blink of tines eye to appear physically like the majority population which surrounded them. The genetic mixing only makes it all the more remarkable that Jews alone maintain their identity by association with the Just Creator. Not all but always enough, to the edges of the earth.

        Truth is No One can trace linage back happily to Poles. While all humanity shares the same source, random odds are Jon and No One are closer than most. Clearly Jon is very clever with gifts greater than No One. So if No One can be funny once in a great while, it is in all probability a tiny percent of raw potential Jon shared.

        Generally as human beings learn the full realization of how little we know or cognition strikes deep. The necessity of humility and restraint crystal clear.

        This revelation is avoided by the Progressive behavior routine of latching on to anything; not matter how foolish and down right silly, which can be claimed to support and sustain un-reasoned perception. If challenged by objective rationality, claim it offends emotions and is therefore uncivilized. Poor Ron^3 on this board has been living like this for many decades and the fruit is clear to see.

        The challenge of our time is Progressive demanding 'civilized' discussions on the condition irrational emotions are equal to honest, objective rationality.

      • is there a reason why we should read the origins of the two dif sects of judisum ???????

    • What kind of a moron are you? You need to see a doctor regarding your mental disorder.

      Sentiment: Hold

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