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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 4, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Mad WHo and poor K Powers

    The question is not whether Social Security and Medicare have done 'good'. Rather it is whether or not in respect to Individual Liberty it has been presented to the American people in objective honesty. The answer is no.

    The promised benefits or collective social liabilities wildly exceed our economy's ability to pay. As the truth was dissembled or actively withheld from the American people, these programs rumbled on making the necessary adjustments or reforms ever more painful. The entire time the fairly informed Just common sense of the American people would have resulted in fair rational action to make these programs sustainable and therefore by definition sustainable.

    The trust funds invested in the past deficit spending of the government has always been logical farce. Nor is it helped by Obama's wild deficits weakening the capacity of this government to pay those promises.

    It is odd that sustainable environmentalism is a truth of collectivism yet sound economics is opinion. One clearly deluded opinion awarded a collectivist prize is enough to suspend personal reason. Further it is seemingly enough to negate the need to gain understanding.

    We Christians are saved by Grace and the heart which seeks God's side.

    Feeding the seed corn to the hungry does some good. But what is the balance?

    There really are incredibly Scared Duties for an American opinion journalist. If SS and Medicare are a good of faith, how do we avoid the coming collapse and insure the failure of our political system does not allow this approaching calamity again? Sustainable is never built on emotional irrationalism or taking other Americans Liberty by deceiving them.

    American King James Version
    Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.

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    • and who's to blame for robbing the cookie jar social security, Obviously you are NOT one of the persons that depend on SS for part or all of their financial existence, This is clearly a Governmental boondogal. I think you should address Congress for their creating a situation where because of low interest rates, people who have saved and get nothing in return for their money, are more than ever dependent on SS. You obviously are not depending on SS to be there for you, Are you angry that you now have to partly support seniors who have given up more than you will ever dream of giving up? Don't bring the Holy Bible into this, for it is open to interpretation, And what the heck does your Entry Title mean? I have to say you are young and stupid, get old and get smart. By the way, what does this have to do with LINE?

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      • Ah a new emanation of the corn energized collective OLB brain?

        The total amount of the unfunded liability comes out to just over 100 trillion dollars, or approximately $33, 000 for every man, woman, and child in the country. And since the private net worth of all Americans together is estimated at just over $50 trillion dollars by the Federal Reserve, you can see the problem.

        Willful ignorance and arrogant pretense is already fully represented on this board.

        Maybe you have some stock picking magical abilities we need to be aware of as well?

      • Excellent points. Norris is our board evangelist and prattler. he is one bored person day in and day out and posts this whatever to feel as though he is contributing.

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