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  • norrishappy norrishappy Dec 7, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Mad Who Pope Francis's challenge is important, whatever your interpretation of his economic views.

    Always erudite yet amazingly fuzzy logic Peggy defines the edges of a great debate.

    One which would be well served by Jon and Stuart doing a benefit debate. Certainly a good Pope all to aware of the limits and follies of a collectivist social organization is not a primitive progressive. The Mad Who agrees more with Peggy that perhaps the prescient point is one of the authority and therefore the duties a Reformist faith assigns. Whether it is government of free markets.

    The future no man knows. How could Mr. O and Jon know their futures from way way back in the day.

    Hey Lebo dat yuus up in the fill pile, gain?
    Waw waw waw waw communist waw
    Naw not buyen it. Come ouda dhere!
    Waw waw bubble toil waw
    Yea yea It’s Christmas. Yuus aint doen nodhen. Yuus, mees - snow ball fight.
    Waw blah oppressor waw blah
    Those pin heads ain’t gona bohhers ya. I had a tawk wid dem.
    Blah waw Yetti waw waw.
    Oks, I’s promiseses not to do the Abomididable snowman thing and toss yuus.
    Blah waw pizza.
    Yea yea I’s sees the smoke commen ouda the cave. Cavuto ain’t briggen yuus no pizza. Besides hees ain’t like any Italian I’s knows.
    Blah waw offer he can’t refuse waw
    Lebo you need to stop dha Modher and rules of acquisition stuff right now. Cavuto ain’t noos alien.
    Waw blah California waws blah.
    Peking duck, veegen cheese, awugula and pine seeds? Dats it! Yuus get down heres or I’s comin up and drags yuus down - for yuus’s own good.
    Blah waw Varney waw blah waw
    Wees all gonna use words like that Varney waiter, Cavuto will be the Nagus of a business thought control empire, yuus tranform into dha Stewart worshipped by millions of ny-zombies and Americans will pay to eat California pizza.
    Californian pizza! Dhat its Lebo. I am comin up theres!

    How Jon Stewart really created California Pizza.

    A segment to set up the charity debate?

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