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  • ruby.thedyke ruby.thedyke Feb 5, 2014 6:43 PM Flag

    Crammer is now on auto pilot again

    Mention any other company in a sector and he trots out the "rather be in xxxx" spiel, in this case using LINE (again) when someone asked about BBEP. Of course, even the most devoted LINE holder understands that it's prudent to own more than one security in a given sector, and that BBEP has excellent prospects (as do other upstream MLP's), but Crammer doesn't do actual research or bother to know something about other companies, it's too easy to just fixate on one company and dismiss all others, constantly. What a blabbering fool he is. In this case he's not really wrong, LINE is undervalued compared to BBEP, but that's only an accident of course, he doesn't know that.

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    • I can't bear the persona he takes on as he plays the ultra fast-talking clown on his regular show. Way too manic for my taste. Now and then, though, I catch a snippet (meaning about 20 seconds worth) when I'm iceing my cranky knees after exercising. I then shudder and switch to CNN. But he's what alerted me to Linn in the first place. Several years ago he was interviewing Mike Linn (as I wrapped on the ice) who was talking about Linn Energy's high yield and hedging strategy. So I watched the whole Linn portion, did some research, and made my first LINE buy in the upper teens. And so far, so good.

      I do recommend his 2003 book "Confessions of a Street Addict." It's an engaging read and will give you a whole new view of the man. But it won't change any negative views of the insufferable clown he plays on his regular (and distressingly popular) CNBC show. I bet that the show embarrasses his wife and kids.

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      • The problem isn't the man (I don't dispute that he's reasonably intelligent in "real life"), or even the clown show he puts on. The problem is that people listen to him like he's giving serious investment advice, and follow it, to their loss. But, that said, I do not allow his face on my TV. I leap for the off button at the end of Fast Money, to make sure that not even a nanosecond of his voice gets in my ears.

      • The old style verses substance culture war.

        Mr. Crammer is fine. He does make some shot from the hip errors which really can not be avoided in the format.

        Our markets are generally and usually efficient. But not always and some times wildly not, in bubbles. The best way to gauge bubble if the front page of the Value Line syrvey and their projection of future market returns.

        The CEO interviews are very valuable. If one studies enough to accept our markets are generally and usually efficient his real world observations about NY Jon Stewart mound situational ethics and resulting confidence games, are extremely valuable. HUman beings can do amazing things but never perfect things.

        I must say with Ron's pompus displays this really is a kettle calling pot black thing. Except Crammer likes slap stick while Ron is not even aware of his show.

    • We all make our own opinions on the value of certain commentators. Several contrarians I know sell whenever Cramer starts talking up a stock! Rightly or wrongly is not clear.

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