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  • iblongshort iblongshort Feb 24, 2014 5:15 PM Flag

    Believe it or not

    I predict that both LINE & LNCO will be at or almost $40 by June and Obama will probably be facing AN impeachment process by December. My thoughts only

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    • We can only "HOPE" for that "CHANGE"!

    • Just adding my 2 cents here.... to the conservatives on this thread especially the elders. I read through this thread and determined you have no idea what you are talking about. I respect your age, but if you grew up in the 50-60 then you had everything handed to you on a silver platter. Period and dont even try to deny it. Life was very easy for you post the great wars and cost of living was insanely low. One money earner could raise a family of 5 or 6 on minimum wage back then due to middle class buying power. Then you guys got lazy and protective and you made the biggest mistake in the last 100 years of american history by allowing reagan to implement reaganomics which moved money out of the middle class overnight and put it the top 1% pocket. It was welfare in reverse. As for the minimum wage argument, all I am going to say is learn how money systems work. minimum wage doesn't matter nor does welfare. Please go learn why. The main reason is that those on min wage or welfare cant save. Thus, the only thing that really matters is tax inequality and that was the ultimate form of welfare anyone could have given the 1% along with deregulation of middle men (bankers).

      To the democrats, although I sided last election with Obama and still would if asked to again due to how bad our republican party is, he is a #$%$ president. He did little with his tenure although he is not nearly as bad as the conservatives make him out to be. Dont tell me he is the worst liar in 100 yrs. Those honors belong squarely on 4 republican presidents, Nixon (Watergate), Reagan (Reaganomics), Bush I and Bush II (lies about the war in Iraq and furthering Reagan policies). All four of these jewels also increased our deficits at record rates during GOOD economic times COMPARED to what Obama inherited. By the time Obama got in, he had no choice (literally it was not really up to him) and had to flush the market with tons of money or enter great depression. There was no other option. Period.

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      • Your lack of knowledge of history is astounding, perhaps pick up a book or two. I am by no means an "elder" in here, and quite possibly a greenhorn by some standards. That being said however, the boom in the US Economy during the 50's and early 60's had nothing to do with "our" economics. It had everything to do with a rebuilding of a completely destroyed Europe from WWII which prior to the war was the only other heavily industrialized area of the world. If something needed building, it had to be done here because the capacity of factories in Europe was decimated.

        When there is that much demand, prices will rise, as will demand for the workers. As that happens wages are increased to attract the top workers. Rising tide kind of thing.

      • After reading your post I will say that at least you said one correct thing, that Obama is a fruckeed up president, anyway I believe that is what you said.

        Now go "Jump a Sheep" and stop posting so much gibberish.

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      • You are one ignorant person, your post proves that!
        Had it easy in the 50's & 60's, What an #$%$ your are!

      • Jumpingsheep:

        What an absolutely ridiculous economic argument you make. Cant pick which one is sillier: the comment on the people growing up in the 50s and 60s having it all on a silver platter, or the one about raising 5 or 6 kids on minimimum wage, or the one about the only thing that matters is tax inequality. What a long winded lecture from someone that obviously doesnt have a clue about history or economics.

        I am not taking issue with your second paragraph as much of what you say there is fairly accurate, but that first paragraph is nothing more than a fool's jibberish.... and that's coming from someong not in your target audience you are so interested in telling off. Please go back into your hole until you have a bit more common sense.

      • Well I will speak for the elders even though I am not close to SS.

        You are a babbling fool.

        Normal American economics is the greater the economic contraction, the more powerful the recovery growth. Table is set with low utilization of both physical and human capital.

        Nor has our Fed ever before delivered such massive main line stimulas to offset the irrational political agenda. Zero interest rates and printing money six years later?

        Go crack an econ 101 book and do not come back until you actually read it. The OLB is large and noisy enough already.

    • Well i hope you are right on both counts, but Obama wont be impeached, if he werent black he would be, hell he already would have been, the damage that he has done to this country is shameful. The rest of the world needs America to be as strong as it can be. He is trying to turn us into Europe. Get this folks, the minimum wage was never intended to be a living wage, and people still working for that in their 40's are doing it because of life choices they have made.

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      • Republicans just don't seem to get it. Candidates that could win a national election get squeezed out during the primary process because they can't quite convince evangelical nut jobs that they are serious about really stupid issues like planned parenthood.. Arizona republicans are just a current example of a party that can't get out of its own way.

      • The real shame of this is that you received nearly as many Thumbs Down as Thumbs Up for your post. It's baffling to me that ANY straight thinking American can still give this man one ounce of credibility. Since before he was elected, he says one thing in public while doing the exact opposite behind our backs. Not only is he decimating our economy, our Military and our world standing, but his Foreign Policies have made us a laughingstock all over the world. No matter how bad he messes up, our media continues to cover for him. Can you say "Cloward & Piven"?

    • Uhhhh . . . not.

    • By the way, I started my position in late 2009 and doubled it last year in the low $20s & enjoy the good dividends which I have reinvested which compounds and I figure about every 7 years or so , my investment will double. I didn't even flinch at last year's downturn, I even looked at that as an opportunity which I took full advantage of --- I even predicted in an earlier post, when LINN was at $26, that it would see $30 within a month, It did just that in a month & 1 day---- How are the rest of you doing??
      By the way, Thanks for the two thumbs down already-----DUMMYS

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