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  • saldon63 saldon63 Apr 7, 2014 1:06 PM Flag

    Why would anyone buy now?

    Market may have a correction very soon. Linn is under a bear attack. Earnings are iffy this quarter. The stock has trended much lower over the last three months. Makes much more sense to buy the stock when the stock shows a sustained up move with either good earnings or news of a deal. Longs please present the case for buying today.

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    • LNCO already had the correction ahead of the general market. In case you haven't noticed, we have been trending up these past few days while the market has been trending down.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I purchased on the way down and watched the yield increase while my DCA's called buying opportunity. Your method involves slightly more risk as the yield decreases and DCA increases...granted an upward movement of the share price voids any pain of being underwater in the short term, but if you're "trading" this stock vs. "investing" then you really need to reassess your strategy....this company/stock is a long term play by design. If you want serious movement, go play with foreign small caps.....but if you want a solid long term energy play that once in a while offers excellent entry points then look no further. "Present a case for buying"---that's just precious. It's movement such as the pps is currently experiencing where the smart money doubles down......they're pumping money out of the ground son.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • How do you know earning are iffy this quarter? Do you have FACTS to back up? If not, don't make those kind of statements. If it's your opinion, then state it is an opinion. There are too many people posting statements that they don't have facts to back up. There are a lot of investors a little gun shy on this stock. You shouldn't make statements to scare them.

    • dadnorris1 Apr 7, 2014 2:43 PM Flag

      YOu never know until earnings.

      But ngls have remained in the guidance range. Of course the average barrel should be improving.

      They did manage to meet production guidance despite very cold cycle weather.

      The big news of course would be Permian.

      Best not to forget the wolfacamp investment was not in guidance.

      It is not unlikley at all owners will be pleasantly surprised. It is a good team which is coming back.

      Solving the production bottlenecks was not small item. If they can meet production guidance in extreme normal cycle weather they should be able to do even better this quarter.

      The long term payoff is Obama retiring and getting an honest lucid President who gets rid of insane corn ethanol and puts our oil and ngls to work for Americans.

      That and not being so childish as to scare off American investment in ethane and propane processing.

      LINE simply need do ok until the day comes our products are sold at know world market prices or at least in rational relationship to those prices.

      Export capacity is still going forward. Progress is being made on ethane. Some more dual use trains are coming on line.

      We just need to get past the quarter to quarter worry about distribution coverage.

    • marcarcal Apr 7, 2014 2:39 PM Flag

      Oh Stop it Shorty

    • saldon you could not sell me 3 fives for a ten :)

    • For me it's the $0.245 per unit I'm getting paid to be patient. Simple as that. Add more units on extreme weakness and/or hedgeye/barrons blubbering.

    • Stock is way oversold, I think earnings will be better than expected. Distribution safe. Short sellers are getting scared. Looks like big buyers are getting in. JMHO

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I'm long & agree with correction statement pertaining to Mr. market, I also missed a very good year with a large potion of cash, waiting for Mr. markets correction, always elusive, hopefully revenue's have a good springtime production kicks all I can say!

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