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  • sandra888us sandra888us Apr 16, 2014 1:47 PM Flag

    I am Not Buying More Line until after conference call on May 1

    It seems that earnings just might not be all that good and the stock could easily fall after the conference call. I just don't see that things have changed much from last quarter. I'm waiting.

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    • Too many times it is not the last qtr numbers that cause the market to MOVE
      it is the guidance toward the next Qtr that causes a bounce...
      I added another 100 shares including the DIV..SO WE WILL SEE WHAT WE SEE.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I kind of disagree. I've seen time and time again that trading on earnings expectations can backfire. A company that digests a lot of bad press and/or bad news leading up to earnings and then can shoot up 5% as hopeful money comes pouring in looking for a brighter future. Vice versa, a company that is on a hot streak dealing with nothing but good news can see an unexpected mini sell off as a lot of people look to 'sell the news'. There really is no rhyme or reason to these things, so I think if one has confidence in Linn's future endeavors, it is best to hold onto one's core share holding and ride through the storm (if there is a storm). If one does not have confidence, then of course selling is indeed probably the best option. There are a lot of other investment options...just not too many that yield over 10%. :-)

    • Spot on,Numbers won't change a lot from 4th qtr. probably & analysts will howl & bark again!

    • Could be. The argument is weather and Permian differentials, but a lot of it is perception. The security is still pretty hungover from all the beatings, and it's possible there are still a lot of weak hands. Or not, maybe we have seen the bottom, finally, and the reaction will be muted. There's no way to predict what will happen, except that, inshallah, this will be a lot higher a year from now.

    • I think thats a mistake- if you are planning on buying more. I think we are definitely already at the bottom around this $28 level. When you compare risk to downside with potential upside... if you ARE planning on buying more, I would get some right here. Plenty of positive things that could be shown or done at CC- not too much negative that we dont already know about. BUY UP!!!!

    • Given the volume recently... You are not alone.

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      • I agree. The low volume shows there is not a lot of conviction on either side and investors are waiting for more information. We will probably see more movement as we get closer to the conference call and the speculators come in.

        Personally, I have a core position and currently reinvest the dividends. I intend to hold this no matter what the pps does after the conference call. However, if the pps drops, I will look at adding some shares to trade around my core position because I think the shares are already undervalued.

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