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  • norrishappy norrishappy Apr 22, 2014 5:04 PM Flag

    OT Mad Who was feeling bad typing all this things so far below Jon Stewart that he will never see

    But then he got totally irrational and in mean spirit.

    Occupy Wall Street took dramatically illegal and anti-social action and was encouraged by Progressive politicos. Drug use, rape assault were all ignored by the 'Authorities' and our dishonored 'press' As was very dangerious sanitation.

    Now should an old rancher have our government send out a fully equipped army to sieze his cattle? Tactical positions inclusive of armoured weapon systems and visible snipper positions, as a show of force? My goodness all this military style planning but in true progressive fashion no one thought to get some BLM cowboys to round up the cattle rather than destroy them in the attempt? Heck after Afganistan our special forces know how to ride horses and even tend herds in a few cases. So it was not them, thankfully.
    Yes our OLD rancher is a misguided American. You have to pay grazing fees. But the nonsense with the not endangered tortoise should not be omitted. Not on pagan faith earth day.
    But let us compare OLB with our misguided rancher.
    Working hard and otherwise an honest family man.
    Not smoking dope and covering up rape in public spaces. Not getting high and making primitive noise day and night but rather working.

    All the government had to do was file a lien on his ranch. The world and America would never have noticed.
    Not like the OWS mob which was clearly a public menace after just a few days. Not to mention despite all the unequal justice they became violent. They were after all having a public tantrum in Progressive fashion. As attention faded and folks came to understand their true nature, they had to step it up. That is what collectivists do.

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    • Now even though Jon just will not accept the first Law of Logic, Identity, I would not resort to this.
      Anyone who denies the law of non-contradiction should be beaten and burned until he admits that to be beaten is not the same as not to be beaten, and to be burned is not the same as not to be burned.
      —Avicenna, Metaphysics[

      Jon is a good person. So it is a matter of determined delusion rather than wllful dissembling. It is making our playful irrational seemingly angry too.

      The problem is unequal justise via application of government power based on Progressive political whim.

      Exactly the game Putin is playing.

      Oh and the uncontrollable wild fires of these times? In no small part caused by the earth pagans driving families who were stewards of the public lands for over 100 years, off the land.

      Grazing off the fuel is necessary. BUt heck just blame this on global warming. Yea that is the ticket to the cave!

      Our American rancher from generations on the same land is midguided on paying his grazing fees. Put a lien on his property and collect when he passes. Nothing like drug soaked pagans in the middle of our cities defecating on every one and everything.

      But he is far less the domestic terrorist than the earth pagans systematically abusing the rule of law so no one is a good steward of the public lands. BUt they are never going to admit being burned by lack of logical stewarship of the public lands is bad. Not when it is us being burned up and not them.

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