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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 6, 2014 4:06 PM Flag

    OOOOOOOOOOT – Except for the OLB yipping the Cosmic upset balance seems

    So Mad Who is pulling No One out of the cave for some time away from the source. No One you know the drill. If you can, make your way to Arby’s. Where Progressives fear to tread and you’ll blend in with the working for a living Americans. Further instructions will be at the bottom of the 32oz soft drink, not allowed in NY, NY.
    In the mean time, Mad Who is upset with Mr. Varney.
    So Honourable Allen West offers “cheers mate” in a style of affection connection and Mr. Varney barks he is British not Aussie!
    But some very nice Brit says it and suddenly it is British. We will forget if a Brit says it, it is sort of British. There is Mad Dogs and Englishmen maxim. But this is well beside the point.
    Mad Who sees no reason why a very nice person who arrives naked on deserted islands and prances about in homemade grass skirts, should be afford differential. Yes Honourable West does not have a television show like Mr. Varney or prance about in grass skirts while on vacation. As the Judge informed uuus Mr. Varney does.
    Honourable West officially minted the American word schwack (sp) on your show! (Still awaiting spelling instruction, not that it would help the Mad Who.). A rare and therefore good tv stuff thing.
    So if the spirit of fairness and understanding, Mad Who believes Mr. Varney is honour bound to have Honourable West back on the show. Then explain why it is perfectly fine for Brits prancing about in grass skirts to say cheers mate but our Honourable Allen West cannot!
    Mad Who bets it has something to do with the Monty Python scene Mr. Varney was in. But, Mad Who is not falling for that well known British guile of misdirection towards Mr. Payne.
    Besides Mr. Payne has enough to worry about with Jon’s Progressives outlawing 16oz or larger soft drinks, again. Seriously a Texas sized American under those stage lights in British fashion wool suits? 16 oz enough? What if he passed out from dehydration on the sidewalk?
    Sure youngling Marines could pick him up and carry him to safety. They train regularly in case their tactically obsolete; age of the handheld fully automatic rifle, brothers need help in an urban environment. But, I do not want the younglings getting in trouble because they have to get through the lunch crush by running over cars to get to Mr. Payne.
    I mean what could be next? A special Progressive tax on Texas size Americans like Mr. Payne and nearly the whole NBA because they are SUPs. Sports Utility People?
    Nope, not this time Mr. Varney. Mad Who is not falling for it! To be fair Jon doesn’t want Mr. Payne passing out from dehydration and so mocks the 16oz thing too. Jon is a good guy.

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