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  • norrishappy norrishappy May 7, 2014 12:23 PM Flag

    Dirty U.S. Coal Finds a Home in Europe Low Cost Outweighs High Sulfur Content as Exports to Continent Surge


    Since 2003, German imports of U.S. coal have risen to more than 15 million tons from under a million tons. A spokesman for E.ON EOAN.XE +1.07% SE, Germany's largest power and natural-gas utility, says it now purchases more than four million tons of coal a year, or 17% of its total, from the U.S., up from 800,000 tons in 2010. E.ON operates power plants in several European countries.

    The 28-nation EU imported 47.2 million tons of U.S. coal last year, up from 13.6 million tons in 2003. Exports to the U.K. alone are up tenfold in the same period. The U.S. ranked second only to Russia in supplying Europe with coal last year, and the U.S. could further increase its market share if recent political tensions with Moscow disrupt Russian shipments.

    My mistake. I thought they would go for the cleaner more expensive App coal. It is far cheaper than Russian natural gas.

    "Many EU countries are in violation of the bloc's emissions rules, and 19 have been subject to formal complaints from the European Commission. Drax and the U.K. haven't faced any complaints, Mr. Hennon says."

    Why collectivism which is free of integrity and individual character does not work. The catch me if you can folks are always faster than regulators planning their next six week vacation. In fact the regulators are entitled to a first rate vacation and there is nothing above or beyond self.

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    • Anything for a Dollar...why are we exporting our natural resourses.... I thought America was in an energy shortage

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      • Obama has defacto outlawed coal. I see no reason to hurt American working in coal or those indirectly employed by coal any further. If not our coal, there is plenty around the world and much of it dirtier than our dirty. Plus coal is far superior to buring animal dung or destroying what remains of forests in countries without free enterprise and the rule of law so most people are desperately poor.

        What the EPA is authorized to do is push practical technology over time. As we are in a secular pagan progressive inquisition; believers and deniers, this is not happening. The reality is our high sulfur coal really is not all that high sulfur if it can be burned in a modern plant in Britain.
        Coal will be burned around the world in very efficient but also very dirty plants. Unless the Chinese are successful with their poly- generation developments. But the reality is they are way behind in the necessary sensor technology.
        That is the thing. Progressives are not about progress as in practical or pragmatic improvement which does occur over time. Think how different our reality would be if Obama and the Progressives had managed to get away with ginning up fracturing pollution and regulating on it. We would still be hearing it is not possible so we will not let you try.

        Thankfully Obama administration did not get away with that one, at least. So American leads the world in oil and gas development again. Amazingly clean too.

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