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  • fredrickson01 fredrickson01 Jun 11, 2014 9:59 AM Flag

    McClendon's Permian Purchase

    It looks like Aubrey McClendon's purchase of 63,000 acres in the Permian the other day at $2.5 billion put a value of about $40,000 per acre on it..Suggests that Linn's 30,000 acres could be valued in the range of $1.2 billion -- all things being equal, which they rarely are.

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    • Linn has another 100k acres out there that no one seems to be focused on in addition to these 30k.

    • NOt counting chickens is not the same thing as realizing there is a whole bunch of plump chickens running about the Permian.

      Thank you.

    • With all the chatter about the XL pipeline not going through. The Permian oil is all backed up with how much they are producing. The companies can't get the product to market fast enough. We need to concentrate ion the infrastructure coming out of the Permian. We are awashed with oil yet we want dirty tar sand to come into our country. When what we really need is more pipelines from the Permian. The back up is causing a discount for Permian oil to the market place.

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      • Now now Corny Stag Monster Opie,

        Texas is working and creating jobs. In fact without Texas doing so well America would have no economic growth. BUt then texas does stand up to the collectivists.

        Gee as Iraq maybe spinning out of control America should be actively blocking oil supply?

        Hey how about following the law and eliminating the defective corn ethanol corruption.

        10% of our gasoline supply. Lower prices, more mpg and less pollution.

        Kant and a general secular belief in social rational positivism!

        The Framers of our Constitution understood all this silliness. Remarkable leap of Faith.

        Remember Washington's Farewell Address did not preclude a person who could follow Kant's mythology as a matter of personal conscience from the title Patriot. Logically such an Enlightened person could not be hostile to our Judeo-Christian religion and resulting morality and personal virtue. Well a logical person.

      • America's deceitful deficit spending President , will not allow Keystone & has blocked so tax more Buffet & terrorist buddy Ayer's railroad holdings may profit immensely for hauling crude, effectively hindering private enterprises, also Iraqs 2nd largest city falling doesn't bode wll for America's protection of our Saudi oil dollars!

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