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  • norrishappy norrishappy Aug 17, 2014 10:34 PM Flag

    Kinder Morgan surprised investors, announcing that it would buy in its MLPs. Can its ploy create value?

    Barrons and the term ploy? ;)

    I am enjoying Mr Kinder just leaving them playing with them cups. So far it seems they should spend even more time taking about their cups rather than involving other Americans.

    With a little normal economic growth, I am betting LINE will do the same to our 'tough' hockey players.
    I can just image the game between Ivy league boys running their games and the guys from the block.

    Barrons of course is just forgetting almost 1% distributions a month.

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    • What was I saying the other day about financial, analytic, journalistic, and reportorial integrity going out the window? The term "ploy" could just as easily have been "organizational strategy" or "restructuring strategy" or something like that. Slimy journalism gets away with the most subtle but dangerous spinning or stories to serve destructive agendas. Perhaps it's always been thus, but it's nevertheless sickening.

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      • Fred,

        This is nothing to do with journalism.

        I hope every American will say a prayer for Captain Johnson. He looks soul weary.

        The good Americans holding signs to pray for us are overwhelmed by night with hooligans.

        On PBS there was the American Experience 1964.

        Began with Americans favoring either an activist social Gospel or a strict Liberty understanding. By the end of the piece the material nihilist collectivists had replaced both. Just as LBJ could work political magic on American political opponents, he could never understand the unbending will of socialist Uncle Ho. How anarchy is central to the philosophy.

        So now we have come to a point where even an American with a long exemplary career returning to his home town, backed by a 'black' President and his unbalanced 'Social' Justice Department is not enough assurance. So still the rioters destroying the local economy must be 'understood'.

        Revered King was the first to condemn any who would commit violence or destruction for the cause. His not only disassociated but strongly condemned them.

        Obama claimed he is most like Nixon. Then surely he knows it was Nixon who called Rev. King saying the local people needed some college in leadership. Surely there is a home town leader to stand with Captain Johnson as he works towards justice.

        sad but true. If Rev. King was here today, Sharpie and JJ would never alone him air time. The 'journalists' would insure it was so. The Americans of the King Godspell movement are there. Praying but kept from frame.

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