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    • bet she can't even speak English

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      • Not a biggie for me. Variety is the spice of life. But I think she would probably legitimately qualify as bilingual.

        The picture of the red shirts put to rest something that was actually more of a curiosity than anything else.

        I found the article itself to be more interesting in that, while obviously being written by an oppositely biased source, it still supports the company's statement.

        "�UNITE�s claim as to the scope of the Administrative Law Judge�s recommended order are also out of line,� commented Brooks. �Even if his decision was right, which it is not, its actual dollar cost to Point Blank would be far less than the number suggested by Union.�

        There is enough in this article to dig at the numbers and come to the same conclusion.

        My suspicions:

        - That a few people at the plant are going to learn the painful lesson of the difference between a recommendation and an order.

        - Any money that is paid out, if that occurs, will go to far fewer people than the supporters of UBITE were led to believe and...

        - That will only be the start of a long and twisted learning process regarding Unions with alterior motives (It sort of reminds me of the lesson of credit card debt in a way).

        In the meanwhile, if I were against UBITE (even if I did generally support the said purpose of Unions) I certainly would have any of my insurance policies with Amalgamated Life.