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  • monkeyboy338 monkeyboy338 Aug 3, 2003 1:43 PM Flag

    Picture of the Red Shirts

    bet she can't even speak English

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    • Not a biggie for me. Variety is the spice of life. But I think she would probably legitimately qualify as bilingual.

      The picture of the red shirts put to rest something that was actually more of a curiosity than anything else.

      I found the article itself to be more interesting in that, while obviously being written by an oppositely biased source, it still supports the company's statement.

      "�UNITE�s claim as to the scope of the Administrative Law Judge�s recommended order are also out of line,� commented Brooks. �Even if his decision was right, which it is not, its actual dollar cost to Point Blank would be far less than the number suggested by Union.�

      There is enough in this article to dig at the numbers and come to the same conclusion.

      My suspicions:

      - That a few people at the plant are going to learn the painful lesson of the difference between a recommendation and an order.

      - Any money that is paid out, if that occurs, will go to far fewer people than the supporters of UBITE were led to believe and...

      - That will only be the start of a long and twisted learning process regarding Unions with alterior motives (It sort of reminds me of the lesson of credit card debt in a way).

      In the meanwhile, if I were against UBITE (even if I did generally support the said purpose of Unions) I certainly would have any of my insurance policies with Amalgamated Life.

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      • variety can be a good thing, but still, it is costly as well, true she may be bilingual albiet marginally. Costly in the sense that
        UBITE uses her ignorance and appeals to her (their) less appealing nature. ie; America, where it is your right to have more, you're being abused etc, etc......not one of the people named in the suit were born in this country....they have more allegence to UBITE than they do for the nation in which they reside....oh well, if union bennies arn't enough, there is always welfare and taxpayer assistance to fall back on....they are recieving a great education in American History
        and civics.

        Too bad it wasn't raining, then, we could refer to them as "blue tarps" LOL