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  • PFSgreen2000 PFSgreen2000 Sep 8, 2003 11:46 AM Flag

    *** This Just Came Out ***********

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    • If you really believe that then you must also believe that Slick Willie "...did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

      Sold it it back tomorrow.

      God, I love you guys!

    • LOL,

      you are weak.

      you never ever fired a shot in any WAR. .. just your mouth off in gingoistic anger.

      Not to worry, my friend.
      Your wife already prefers you shutting your mouth before your ETHICS cuckold you both.

      arf arf arf

    • The funding has to be signed, sealed, delivered. The Interceptor initially wasn't supposed to be rolled out until 04 but was moved up- so the timing whether days or weeks is largely of no consequence for those betting on the long term trend.

      British have their own may not be purchasing from U.S. manufacturers but I don't know about their production rates/capabilities. If they aren't scaled up or can't scale up then they could order from US.

    • Some MULE in FLORIDA made DUBYA the president!! (a brother??)

      no wonder JFK is dead.

      and we still think TAP's CEO isn't copulating with DAVID H. BROOKS as his wife!!


      screw you MR BROOKS. and your delicate white WIFE for making CUBANS your personal notniggerYET slaves.

      Jesust F. Christ didn't glance over his shoulder either.

      ... err, is a fair wage still an impossibility??

      married women still like to be treated nicely.

      some hate me for smoking CUBAN CIGARS not dipped in MONICA, but smoking allows me to watch my own breatheing floating.

      so ... ...
      LIKE President Clinton used to say, "

      arf arf arf

    • sap�ro�phyte ( P ) Pronunciation Key (spr-ft)
      An organism, especially a fungus or bacterium, that grows on and derives its nourishment from dead or decaying organic matter.

      I gave this parasite orgasmic bastard free-birth.

      THUS, I smoke cheap cigars at his expense.

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    • That's just problematic very short term, someone unwinding a position, most likely with a substancial profit. After that I believe we'll see some upward momentum propelled by contract formation and earnings announcements. That's been the history for DHB over the past year and given the current situation: Bush's $300 million persnal armour announcement, record reported earnings, plant expansion, possibility of international contracts, I forsee $5.20 consolidation level by year end. Hey, don't get nervous, you just got that 5K position today. Stick with it, it takes time to unlock value over time. Don't bail on a $.30 move up or down, stay with it six months or so. I've done that with DHB and took some real 212% gains. You don't get that in a day or a week.

    • Nope, This is real selling.

      Iam a little concerned that they may be another shoe dropping. This news re: Bush- should have caused significant buying and moved the price up to $4+. especially given the recent light trading. Now all buys are met with relatively large blocks on the ask.

      Someone is selling into this flurry of buying- The question is Who, and why?


    • Koo,

      everytime there is selling pressure today it is follwed buy HEAVY buying pressure....

      as you see buyers stepped in as soon as those sells took place...

      Is this DHB trading today ?

      The resistance you are talking about is our crooked specialist who will not move the ASK over 3.95 though matter how much the ASK gets pounded at 3.95....

      He is doing his usuall game of holding down the share price...(yes alleyba1 we do agree on that one)..

      Im just hoping that the demand will overwhelm the crooked specialist soon and a short squeeze will force the price up....

      We shall see


    • Dont like the larger blocks coming up on the ask... This is a little worriesome, sig sales taking place creating resistance at 3.95


    • Slidesguy,

      Yes CRDN is up %6 today.......but....

      Look at the voluume......

      Volume: 89,990
      Avg Vol (3m): 189,909

      DHB voluume......

      Volume: 415,000
      Avg Vol (3m): 264,136

      Like I said.....

      DHB will do double the avg. volume today while CRDN is doing half its avg. voluume.

      As we say in the carnival.....

      Something appears to be up.

      I think a partial big order is comming in....

      We shall see.

      In the mean time the ASK is getting pounded again again....

      Lets see how long our crooked specialist can keep down the price !


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