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  • maxine_19096 maxine_19096 Apr 10, 2004 10:55 AM Flag

    sell disciplines

    Maybe this will help some of you who are planning to take the money and run. I bought MAGS at $8.50 when most people had never heard of it. It was flat for several months and then started to take off. I sold when it hit $14.50, acting on my "sell discipline" that 70% profit in a relatively short time was enough. The next day MAGS announced its "Dream Box" and the rest is history. I cursed the day I ever heard the words "sell discipline." Now I'm looking for the next anti-terrorism rocket, and of all the ones I've seen-- DHB, HIET, RAE, ARTX, to name a few--VISG seems the most promising. With a stock like this, you have to consider the psychology driving the buying as much as the financial realities, which happen to be good for this one. If you're interesting in hitting a home run instead of being satisfied with a single, hold onto it.

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