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  • deepvalue2003 deepvalue2003 May 21, 2005 7:04 AM Flag

    Another article....

    Hey big picture man, you are not being of much help. No facts again. Just another generic quote out of context. If this is not innuendo, what is?

    Looks to me like Olympus probably has hundreds of customers that they reach through White Mountains' reinsurance companies. It's clear that Olympus gave WTM a management agreement. It looks like this way they reach those customers through the licenses, relationships, expertise, etc. that WTM brings to the table. Olympus pays big fees to WTM for that but they have done pretty well according to the posting of Dowling's analysis. All pretty simple, obvious stuff if you have followed the insurance business and WTM over time.

    I'm beginning to see a different big picture. Seems to me you don't know anything about Olympus other than what you read in WTM filings, you don't know WTM and you can't support your innuendoes other than by copying generic quotes from people who don't know anything more than you do about the 2 companies. The few people that have been quoted by the press or on this board who know the companies have been OK with the business. It would not take much effort on your part to find 1 or 2 people who know the answers to your supposed concerns if you really cared to find out. I guess you don't care. You are not trying to help WTM shareholders, you are not trying to help Olympus investors, you hardly come across as a public-minded citizen with a declared agenda. What is your agenda? Where's the pea?

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