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  • tommyboywallace tommyboywallace Jul 19, 2005 9:43 AM Flag

    Smiling faces :) and Vampires

    Hewlett-Packard (HP) Chief Executive Mark Hurd smiles during a news conference in Palo Alto, California. Hewlett-Packard Co. said on July 19 it will slash its workforce by 14,500 jobs, or about 10 percent, the biggest effort yet by new Chief Executive Mark Hurd ...

    The Vampires are sucking away ... and smiling while they do it.

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    • First, I have no friends on this board. So far as I know I have never met any of you.

      Next. Yes, the elected officials suck. Guess what -- the "contribution" thing was around at least 240 years ago. Read your history on post Revolutionary War attempts at creating a government. I ask, will you vote for the same 3 again next time around? Until you are brave enough to cross party lines -- the system will never change. (Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.)

      Last - this millionaire thought his $23,000 car was an extravagant purchase. No Lexus in my garage.
      I'll worry about the masses setting fire to my car when "Survivor" is no longer a top TV show, people don't care about the "Super" Bowl and the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.
      "Opium for the masses" ... boy did Karl Marx have it wrong.

      HEY! What happened to that Yahoo with the "big revelation" concerning WTM this week?

    • Hi, Harry!

    • I'm all right, jack, keep your hands off of my stack!!!!

    • All this time I thought Madcowbessie was some crazy chick. But alas, just some kook with a crazy wife. She didn't get canned by White Mt. too, did she?

    • Last year my wife emailed our U.S. representative and both senators about some legislation or the other that she was interested in. She received back autoreply forms from the senators' offices and no reply at all from the representative. I remailed her original letters with our names AS THEY APPEARED ON OUR CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTION CHECKS and received immediate hand-typed responses from all three offices, a follow-up letter by mail from our representative and one senator, and a subsequent telephone call from the rep's office.

      THAT, my friends, is CAPITALISM and representative democracy in the 21st century, and just because they're not out there in the streets overturning your Lexus and setting it on fire THIS YEAR doesn't mean it won't happen, 'say 10 years from now.'

    • Isn't strange that in the US where "vampires suck the blood" out of vital companies, the unemployment rate is 5% and the standard of living is high and rising, while in Europe, where employees are "protected" from such harmful behavior, unemployment is 10% and the standard of living is lower and stagnant?

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      • So just IMAGINE how well off we'd all be if the top 5% of American executives waived all compensation in excess of ten-times the average compensation of the other 95% of American workers, gave a nickel to their favourite charity every time their H.R. department fibbed to a new hire, and domiciled their corporations within U.S. tax jurisdictions!

      • And how does this excuse bloodsucking the working person?

        How does this justify cutting thousdands of decent and hardworkding people out of the workforce for excess bonus payments and salaries? How does this justify elimination of pensions, and cut backs in health care?

        You cannot justify bad behavior by pointing at meaningless stats.

        In the long term, companies like WTM are making the USA weaker- so a few rich can benefit.

        Only those who enjoy the taste of blood could enjoy and approve of such behavior.

        Are you enjoying the taste of blood?

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