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  • webuchadnezzar_reva webuchadnezzar_reva Apr 13, 2011 12:20 PM Flag

    UPDATE on VOLT shortage (production simply can't keep up!)

    <<<<I'm amazed you continue to tilt at windmills. Facts are facts, and even you admit these are USED CARS. No matter how you try to spin it, you have already admitted these were sold by the GM dealership. I recommend you find four VINs for four NEW cars and try again, Web Quixote.>>>>

    MAllen says selling through another dealer lets a dealership increase their quota and mark them up without GM getting mad at them.

    Only MAllen's explanation has made any sense because they all have 30 miles or fewer, according to the Yahoo ads. How much newer do you want them to be?

    As a matter of fact, if they are so popular, why aren't they being snapped up? Even with the markup?

    However, they don't appear to be selling and it would appear the dealer who bought them is not making out.


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    • Web Quixote, by your logic, there have been more Volt new car sales than have been made at the factory. After all, using your logic, we get to count the sales TWICE. Yet, somehow ... Volts are not selling as well as you believe the should be.

      You can't have it both ways. There can't be such a massive demand that USED CARS are selling for a $10k markup ... while simultaneously claiming that the Volt is overabundantly available in the market.

      Pick a different battle. I recommend you pick something that actually has merit; hopefully something that you could demonstrate to be valid? At this point in the debate you're just trolling for attention.

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