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  • fomkristy fomkristy Aug 3, 2011 10:36 PM Flag

    GM sold 125 Volts last month - KILLER PERFORMANCE !

    Ok, tell me this. How exactly are things going to come together after the election? What will have changed to cause any change? Europe is broke. We are broke. The states are broke. Cities are broke. Unemployment will only get worse, not better. The deal they just made is a joke. None of these things are changing for the better. They will only get worse. How can they not? We get deeper in debt every day, not the reverse. Interest rates going up someday will make things worse. GDP growth is non-existant, and that is with the government pumping trillions into the economy. What will happen if that stops? It will plunge. If they keep pumping money in, you'll have massive inflation. Either way, we're screwed.

    How does the election change any of that?

    p.s. 20 years? no. recession? no. Huge depression? yep. No way around it.

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