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  • orionarcher35 orionarcher35 Aug 25, 2011 12:22 PM Flag

    Any real opinions...

    Browsing through some of the posts (surprised to see such little activity here) there seems to be a lot of extreme opinions but not a whole lot of intelligent discussion on GM's value as a stock. I'm a novice but wondering if the current value represents a good buy or just hearing some well thought speculation about GM's future.

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    • Congrats to you too!

      Volume at 61.4k.

      'bout time!

    • Congrats on that one.

      Looks like CVU is even setting up a short squeeze too!

      Hit $15.48 earlier today.


    • <<<web-dunce can't his hate runs to deep.>>>

      Maybe I should get a job at Chevy, huh? You do know, "Chevy runs deep."

      I thought they were talking about their own marketing bullcrap.


    • Jeyebuilt son,sooo sorry to here about your big gm losings again.

    • Ok, I have wasted enough time on you. You are beyond help. Sad for you.

      Yes, wall street is filled with crooks. And yes, we are doomed as a country until the slime on wall street are sent to jail. However, none of that had anything to do with the previous post. I love how you avoid answering the real points and stick to your GM union garbage. You went bankrupt before, and you'll do it again. You'll never learn. You're too dense, too stubborn, too unwilling to learn. Too many bad qualities to list. I'm from Michigan, I know how it is there. I'm glad I escaped that Hellhole. You'll be stuck there forever, doomed to live a life of stupidity. Sorry for you.

    • We need more Wall Street Crooks. Next time the list will be much longer.

      Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. 09/15/08 691,063
      Washington Mutual, Inc. 09/26/08 327,913
      IndyMac Bancorp, Inc. 07/31/08 32,734
      Downey Financial Corp. 11/25/08 13,409
      Tribune Company 12/08/08 13,149
      Fremont General Corporation 06/18/08 12,890
      SemGroup, L.P. 07/22/08 6,140
      Franklin Bank Corp. 11/12/08 5,537
      Luminent Mortgage Capital, Inc. 09/05/08 4,721
      PFF Bancorp, Inc. 12/05/08 4,102
      Pilgrim's Pride Corporation 12/01/08 3,874
      LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. 11/26/08 3,853
      Circuit City Stores, Inc. 11/10/08 3,745
      WCI Communities, Inc. 08/04/08 2,891
      TOUSA, Inc. 01/29/08 2,842
      VeraSun Energy Corporation 10/31/08 1,863
      Linens 'n Things, Inc. 05/02/08 1,740
      Tropicana Entertainment, LLC 05/05/08 1,734
      Quebecor World (USA), Inc. 01/21/08 1,731
      Hawaiian Telcom Communications, Inc. 12/01/08 1,637

      Not one of them Union.

    • Oh brother. Really?

      I know you are a homer, but geezzzzz, do you have to be THAT obvious?

      GM execs and union employees brought GM down. To argue otherwise shows you to be a moron and a blinded homer beyond compare. Companies like Lehman went under for a very simple reason. They were horribly managed with WAYYYYY too much leverage and debt. Period. End of story. If you don't get that, you shouldn't be investing in stocks. GM also had way too much debt and other obligations (still does) and was horribly managed as well. To compound things, they have a horrific union that helped destroy the company. Obama didn't do it. GM did. Stop being a homer and get a clue.

    • What about Wall Street? Obama fired Rick Wagoner

    • <<<Obama and the Wall Street Crooks took GM down in 2009.>>>>

      That's wrong. Mr. Obama was not to blame for GM's downfall. They did it to themselves.


      PS: I can't stand Obama, but there is no need to lie about him. The truth is bad enough.

    • <<<"...did you have any of that one, by chance?">>>


      My best today is JDSU at 7.25%.

      Though I am up >9% on the AAPL that I purchased
      in AH on the day Jobs resigned.

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