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  • john_kimes john_kimes Sep 4, 2011 3:22 AM Flag

    The Volt Value Proposition: Durability

    Is the $41K worth it? We have all been argueing about that, mainly from a fuel economy and battery life perspective. But there is another metric for Value...and that is durability and maintaince. We all have a feel for gas powered cars because that is what we know, what we are used to..we know generally, gas cars are good upto around 150K miles before we start getting seriously nickled and dimed in replacing annoying components. If you can, you sell by now and buy a new car.

    Question: What is the cost of that?

    Consider the case of the Volt. We all know that the first 40 miles is all electric. So the only powerplant operating is the E-motor. But did you know that after the 40 miles, the Volt still launches on that same E-motor? In fact it always launches on that same E-motor. So what?...3 take aways...

    1) Permanent Magnet E-motors are bullet proof, they just don't wear out. In fact, what is there to wear out? Just the bearings supporting the rotor. These Bearing see no load, they just support the weight of the rotor, so they are fine. The car will fall apart around these motors before they ever die. Nor do these motors require any maintance. Maybe changing the coolant periodically, but that about it.

    2)The reason the vehicle still can launch electrically AFTER the 40 miles is because the batteries are still 40% full. Battery depletion is defined here with the exception of driving in the mountains were there is a deeper discharge. My point is that at using only 60% of the battery makes the batteries live a very long time. There is no deep discharge. The batteries are designed for 150K miles of life. The reality is that they will go farther. The batteries also have an 8 year, 100K warrenty!!

    3) Because the E-motors always launch the vehicle (most damaging part of the drive cycle), the gas motor has it easy. First it hardly ever comes on (78% drive less than 40 miles and never exit EV mode). Second, when it does come on, the vehicle is already going about 20 MPH, so the load on the gas motor is a lot less than it would be for a tradition gas motor. The result is a very long life well past the 150K point.

    So what is the value of a vehicle that may well go beyond 200K miles with little maintaince. What is the value of driving a paid off Volt for another 50K beyond what a tradition car. With a tradition car, I am either buying a new one (payments during the 50K free period the volt offers) or being nickled and dimed on replacement components that are wearing out. What is that worth. there is more to think about than just fuel economy.

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    • Well common ground...amazing

    • The difference between Immelt and Obama is that Immelt can move GE operations out of the US and get results that send the stock price back to $60.

      Obama, the idiot ideologue, can only make things worse for America.

      By the way, lots of union people work for GE. When they get the message that it's Obama that's making it hard for GE to grow its businesses in the US, those union workers are likely to vote for Perry or Romney in 2012.

    • <<<<<<The part he might want to leave out: GE's stock ended that week in August down 15% from the start of the year and 61% lower than when he took over as chairman and chief executive of the industrial conglomerate>>>>>>

      No wonder he's Obama's favorite CEO. He's a whore, he's in charge of a big organization, and has no idea what he's doing.

      They've got a lot in common.


    • kimes,

      GE stock is down because the economy of the world is weak and no one knows waht foolishness Obama will dream up next.

      GE is always hit by US government foolishness.

      Making Immelt the new best friend of the president does little to help GE stockholders.

    • No, the craziest thing is that Obama has tapped him to head up some job creating thing.

      Zero taxes, Chinese jobs....of course GE stock is dropping....bad press everywhere you look around GE. I'm sure the GE hard working men and women just love this guy...

    • I haven’t had a need to. I need a truck next and I don’t need a full size. When my son moved out that left the house without one. I was really set on that Aura though back in 2007. I couldn’t get the Gray leather with the higher XR trim. Funny thing is the lower trim XE (I think) did have the Gray leather option. There were less leather color options with the higher trim level. That’s actually what got me posting on the old GM board was asking that simple question. The replies were unbelievable John. It was and still is amazing to me how little employees know about the company they work for and the downright shittyattitudes they have. But whatever, that’s water under the bridge. I ordered my Camry and got it exactly how I wanted it and haven’t looked back.

      I like the Camaro but like I said I need a truck next. My son has a Ranger and I really like it but, I’m sold on the Tacoma.

    • You said: "If a car last 1.25 to 1.5 times longer than a traditional car, then it is reasonable to assume that the value add of those extra miles should command a higher price."

      Except that your assertion that the Volt will last that long, is wholly unfounded. Any electromechanical object moving over the open road for a decade is going to corrode and break.

      You already remonstrated another poster for not knowing about longevity. Then you make this longevity claim. It's preposterous in its hypocrisy, and it's shilling, and if you won't stop, we're certainly here to expose you on it.

      The Volt's unaffordable $41000 price is something that you can't argue about, so now you've devolved (in GM's predictable way of concentrating on marketing instead of product performance) into "intangibles". That's sad, and doubly so since it's so very easy to expose your tactic.

    • <<<Now remove that cockin your mouth. You sound foolish.>>>

      He sure as heck does.


    • FAIRFIELD, Conn.—If Jeff Immelt could pick a period that captures his vision for General Electric Co., the fourth week in August might do: GE signed an electricity joint venture in China, the conglomerate's airplane jet-engine partnership won $2.2 billion in orders from a U.S. airline and the company at a ceremony in Brazil said it was extending its Olympics sponsorship.

      The part he might want to leave out: GE's stock ended that week in August down 15% from the start of the year and 61% lower than when he took over as chairman and chief executive of the industrial conglomerate

    • <<<<What's the matter Webbuie, can't stand the fact that I point out that you rlive in the most unionized state in the country? Or is it the fact that I point out that you were a government rleech that got Uncrle Sam to pay for your education? Maybe it's because I make note of your great investment in TM where you rost over $42 a share. I raugh at you bonehead!!!>>>>>

      None of the above.

      I just don't understand why you can't grow up and speak like an adult.


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