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  • germany72 germany72 Sep 6, 2011 1:02 PM Flag


    Unions get good pay and behefits for American workers, but are criticized for not lowering their standards to that of 3rd world countries they're now forced to compete with...wasn't America at it's peak when unions were at their peak after WW2? Or does nobody care about that as long as their stock goes up a nickel?

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    • It is comments like this that make Americans laugh and despise GM. Lowering their standards to 3rd world countries, you say? Do you KNOW what third world countries standards are? Do you know what union employees standards are? Because they aren't even in the same GALAXY with each other! Get a clue, pal.

    • I am forced to correct your statement to reflect the truth that you're avoiding:

      "Unions get good pay and benefits for an ever-shrinking number of American workers."

      You might recall that after WW2, the USA was pretty much the only industrial power left in the world that didn't need to rebuild to any degree. But that period is long over, and there is no particular supremacy in US industry except in our productivity levels.

      In the new globalist order, unions are only a handicap. There's no point in stating that they are a handicap, since they are fading away anyway.

      Getting angry about it is about as pointless as getting angry about the weather. And there's nothing you can or WILL do about it, either. You consumers demand cheap products. In order to get you cheap products, corporations have to drive wages to the global minimum.

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      • but the "global minimum" is damn near zero in a lot of union or not...we can't compete with that, nor should we. I also don't buy the "minimum wage costs jobs" argument...sure it does...instead of 1 person working for $7 an hour, you could have 10 working for 70 cents, but where does that get us? If you think those savings are going to be passed to the consumer and lower the cost of living, check CEO pay over the last 30 years and you'll see it's never enough unless you force the issue.

    • And then the unions asked for the moon and blackmailed the companies, then made them uncompetitive and the forced the into bankruptcy......aka Gm ...aka ...Chrylser…..aka Delta
      Do a Google search you can find many.

      Just keep paying your 2hr/month to keep yourself brainwashed.

    • Unions are getting their benefits from current workers. They are called legacy costs. Passing the buck to the children is the problem, same as SS and Medicare. The collosal failure of socialist ponzi scheme brought on by liberals and unions.
      How do you feel knowing your benefits are costing young people jobs?

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      • About 90% of union benefits are paid for by non union people. Private and gov't unions just bleed non union people.
        Where do you thinki the money comes from to pay union people? Every thing comes from non union people by higher product costs or higher taxes.
        Unions cause;
        1. higher cost of living.
        2. higher taxes.
        3. reduced employment.
        4. creates more poor people.
        I would like to hear a union person dispute this with facts.

        Did you know Minimum Wage does the same thing.

    • Germany,

      "Unions get good pay and behefits for American workers"

      This is an understatement.

      "but are criticized for not lowering their standards to that of 3rd world countries they're now forced to compete with"

      This is an overstatement. You should be in politics.

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