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  • tridacna tridacna Sep 6, 2011 8:14 PM Flag

    2011 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Chevrolet Volt

    Let's let Motor Trends be an impartial, third party arbiter on this controversial car.

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    • Impartial? Now that's funny.

    • And Motor Trend is correct. The problem is the VOLT is about 15 years ahead of its time, plus the extra 25k makes it a terrible dollar deal. You only buy one of these is if you have more money than u know what to do with it.

    • RAT, Slappy, MAllen, read the article. Note the portion where it talks about reducing the price of the volt and some of the reasons why it cost 41K.

      Note: GM did most of the development instead of vendors who usually do the development. Vendors spread the cost of development across the product life (piece cost). This development cost had a huge initial cost that GM needs to recoup. In addition, this platform can be rolled out to other platforms where this development has been done and can be spread.

      Bottom line, the cost of the volt is coming down, just like the iPhone.

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      • "Bottom line, the cost of the volt is coming down, just like the iPhone."
        I am amused at your rabid enthusiasm of VOLT in every possible way, but at times YOU get so carried away I can't believe someone would actually say the things you do.

        You are now equating iPhone with VOLT?

        One is the defacto standard by which other PDA's are measured. It has an incredible market share...The other is a failed attempt, a science experiment in it's infancy with hardly ANY ownership base.

        When VOLT becomes as popular as the iPhone, I will personally apologize for everything I said about it in the last 5 years!
        Until then, VOLT is a dead horse being beaten by bunch of untalented jockeys and still not finishing the race.

    • <<<<Let's let Motor Trends be an impartial, third party arbiter on this controversial car.>>>


      It's not so much whether they are partial or not, although they do accept paid advertising. It's a matter of whether the COTY Award is worth anything, since previous winners include:

      1983 Renault Alliance
      1981 Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant K cars
      1980 Chevy Citation
      1976 Plymouth Volare/Dodge Aspen
      1974 Ford Mustang II
      1971 Chevy Vega


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      • Like the same dude picks car of the year every year!!

        Did any of you bashers bother to read the credentials on the author?
        Christ himself could have written that article and the same BS would be spewed.

        At least attempt to be fair minded....and Webbie, if you actually agree with the article...and you do....why bash it when they get it right?

      • Let's see, that would be 6 lemons (I'll take your word on it, not a car buff) out of 41 model years. So, M.T. picked 35 winners, not a bad track record.

        What about Car & Driver's take on Volt?

        "Electric Revival: Not only did it not kill the electric car, GM's reinvented it.

        The Verdict: The ideal, near-term EV solution."

        There's also Edmund's review.......:

        including consumers' reviews:

        Car snob humbled by the Volt:
        I'm a car nut-- have owned everything from Bentley's to Hondas to Lincolns to Porsches. My partner wanted the Volt, and I was skeptical. I was wrong. After 1500 miles, it is the car we choose for family outings (our other cars are '11 Audi A8 and and a '10 Audi Q7 TDI, both of which we love). Why? The Volt is silent. It is quick. It has fun technology that works! It has a refined manner-- much more refined than our Lexus 400h hybrid was. Most of all-- it is versatile. Knowing there is a gas generator to keep you going after the battery is exhausted on long trips, takes the stress out of trip planning. Full recharge takes only 4 hours, but is unnecessary if it's inconvenient."

        "I have owned my Volt since mid-March, and have used exactly 20 gallons of gas over 3100 miles."

        Or, we can simply go with baseless opinons by Webby and his sidekick, MAllen.

    • Like they have a credible rating. In 1971 the Chevrolet Vega was Motor Trend's Car of the Year

      The Chevy Vega was on everyone’s list for Worst Car of All Time. It was so unreliable it seemed like the only time anyone saw a Vega on the road not puking out oily smoke was when it was being towed.

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      • Excuse me. I owned a Vega and enjoyed it very much. I burned up the clutch, no fault of the car. The dealer did replace the cylinder head under warranty (just in case). There was no obvious problem.

        I had the Kammback and still consider it very handsome. I upgraded the radiator system and had a Sears underdash a/c installed. Never had a problem.

        I tricked it up a bit with wider wheels for a set of A60/13 Firestone wideovals (looked great, but the tires followed every grove in the roads). I also installed an aftermarket exhaust system which sounded and looked great.

        Mine was metallic lime green with black vinyl interior. Base engine with a 3 speed manual.

    • do you give a 10 STAR rating....

    • "He is in a class all by himself in the asylum, singing looney tunes when he's not crying "I refuse to read SEC filings, it's all a conspiracy by GM management...I, and my pal Webby, know the truth about GM cause I sold GM cars for 20 years (before I was forced into early retirement and irrelevance)....I refuse to change! "
      I love your ability to switch from writing fiction to non-fiction. You do that so seamlessley.

      How many more years should I have "sold cars" before you would have accepted my retirement as a result of years of service rather than "forced"?
      26 years in the same industry doing the same thing is not enough? Since I worked long enough and hard enough to secure my nest egg, I couldn't see any good reason to work for another 10 or even 5.

      I will make you the same offer I have with others. Tell me where and why I got "fired" from? It has been a matter of curiosity to me why few of you would go around using that assumption to fortify whatever disagreeement with my opinions.

      I think 26 years is long enough before someone retires, I am sorry to hear you are in some dead end job that will require you to work 30-35.

    • Why does the narrator of this puff piece sound like some phoney, arrogant Brit?

      Perhaps we in the Colonies are just too backward to appreciate the dolt, and GM should ship all inventory across the pond.

    • "I refuse to read SEC filings, it's all a conspiracy by GM"
      What exactly am I missing in the SEC filings that gives you the knowledge and the wisdom about VOLT being a viable and a successful product? That is what we are discussing, no? Maybe I SHOULD read it. Sounds like there is some good information in there.

      I am sure one of these days you will take the time and point out where I even remotely suggested there was a conspiracy of any sort at GM management. I accused them of incomptence, not conspiracy. CEO's don't hang around long enough to work on a good consipracy or a good car.

    • 26 years of doing anything should be respected, especially if it was selling cars.

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