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  • creephhi creephhi Sep 23, 2011 8:25 AM Flag

    GE & GM to build EV charging stations togather

    COSCO put in charging stations years ago and are taking them out now because of lack of use.

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    • VOLT in its current configuration, cost and range will be as big a flop in China as it was here.

      The MOON. That is about the only place where VOLT can dominate the sales!

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      • How can the Volt even compete in China? At $41K MSRP, it's a clear failure here. The median household income in the USA is about $50K, and the median individual income is about $27K. With financing (which is how most people must do it), that purchase price rises to about $55K, requiring about TWO years of the median GROSS individual income. It's just too d^arned expensive.

        So what are the income profiles for China? In June, Forbes reported that the average (usually higher than the median in these cases) household income in China is about $10220. In comparison to the U.S. stat of $84300 for avg hh income, that's about 12% of U.S. buying power. It just won't work.

        And if GM comes out with a far (far, far) cheaper Volt for sale in China... well then, one would naturally ask why it wasn't for sale here in the U.S.

      • Mallan....Talk like that will get Jeye and Kimes all in a tither. Well, we need some entertainment here today anyway as this will probably leave another 2.5% on the table to pick up today anyway..But maybe the huge Dolt sales will save the day, one never knows.....

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