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  • fomkristy fomkristy Nov 25, 2011 3:03 PM Flag

    The question still STANDS

    lol....the stupidity of this board is amazing.

    So tell me, you don't think they have to pay any of the other things under 'short term liabilities'? Things like 'accounts payable'? In the end, it is ALL money that is going out the door.

    Sorry, but the dumb one is you......

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    • "Not to mention their short term debt which is even MORE than $20 per share"

      Let's hope that you are a custodian someplace, no offense to custodians, because you are clearly confused about reading a balance sheet. Yes, accounts payable need to be paid, accounts receivables need to be collected. What's your point?

      The fact of the matter is that you were clearly talking about short term debt and just as clearly, you were wrong. Man up and just apologize.

      FYI, even if you erroniously include accounts payable, it still only amounts to $18 per share. If you need help with the math I'll be glad to post it.

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      • wow....I failed to break out each part of 'current liabilities'. Instead of calling it current liabilities I called it short term debt. In the end, it's all the same. Whatever. You missed the point of my original post big-time, but hey, it's all good. The original poster was gloating about all the 'cash' that GM has, and never even mentions the debts, making it a stupid argument. In the end, GM's current liabilities aren't much more than current liabilities. Period. Simple as that. Happy now?

        Sheesshhh....good luck to ya. I'm gonna go back to my custodian job now......

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