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  • longcapgain longcapgain Nov 28, 2011 5:49 AM Flag

    Copromise Mr.Powell??


    Colin Powell out comparing compromise of the Founding Fathers as a lacking element today and blaming the Tea Party for this flawed outcome of deadlock. HA! This is the same Powell (Republican???) that supported Obama and still supports him. Hey Mr.Powell why no mention of the FACT that the Obama regime used the 'trick' BUDGET RECONCILIATION procedure to ram thru the MASSIVE HEALTHCARE WELFARE BILL wiht only 51 votes and repubs literally locked out of the room. Now where is the compromise in that Mr. Powell, Mr. Durbin, Mr.Obama, Princess Pelosi, Harry Reid... These dems are so phony and all one MUST do over the nexg 11 months until 2012 election is KNOW dems have controlled most over last 100 years and EVERY failed SYSTEM and ENTITLEMENT of today was signed into law by them. We need to put an end to these lying thieves and their domain of destructive policies designed to gain voting blocks and control.

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