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  • ebglock1 ebglock1 Nov 28, 2011 7:36 AM Flag

    Volt new name

    Will be changed to FLAME

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    • TOYOTA has yen problem, gm has uaw problem.
      Which is worse?

    • Endaka -- surging yen -- is back, and so is the risky game of removing content from vehicles. With the Japanese yen surging to just 75 to the dollar, the old "build 'em where you sell 'em" philosophy no longer is enough.

      To avoid price increases, as they hustle to increase North American plant capacity, Japanese automakers are using lesser-quality materials or removing features that once were deemed essential.

      Read more:<meta name=#ixzz1f0PXBuBz

      To Lexus engineers who want their vehicles to outdistance the luxury competition, "almost the same" is virtually an admission of defeat. But compromises have to be made.

      Toyota reported an operating loss of about $425 million for the April-September fiscal first half. The March earthquake was a factor, but exchange rates accounted for a $1.7 billion swing in the wrong direction. Satoshi Ozawa, an executive vice president, warned that Toyota's domestic operations were on pace to break even next year -- but only if the dollar rises to ¥85.

    • I don't care much what you and others like you think. I'm not here to make "friends" with people like you or MAllen or the 3 stooges from H E L L...

      It's much more fun to bash other OEMs, especially when they deserve it (and toyoDUH and other asian OEMs deserve it) and to make sure that boneheads like you hear the GOOD instead of the OCD reasons you and other boneheads bring here.

    • Wow, persie,

      Wouldn't be surprised if somebody rats you out to Yahoo for that one. Won't be me - I'm just sayin'. There's probably a lot of folks who don't like you.


    • Your jury is IN.
      You are still a GM puppet a yes man!

      I prefer being an a s s h o l e to being a puppet.

    • While I'm disappointed in the issue out there that's now under investigation, please know that it only occurred under CERTAIN conditions and after a significant crash event.

      Geez - let it play out and see what comes of it. I suspect that there's some learning that all OEMs will benefit from.

      • 6 Replies to personality_less
      • [quote - personality]While I'm disappointed in the issue out there that's now under investigation, please know that

        it only occurred under CERTAIN conditions

        and after a significant crash event.[/quote]

        According to the article in today's Wall Street Journal, the NHTSA statement is quoted as "The agency is concerned that damage to the Volt's batteries as part of


        have resulted in fire." (emphasis added)

        It appears that your "certain conditions" are what many people involved in an accident can expect.

        I have to admit that with my daily commute I have considered the Volt though as an option. Right now I am starting to lean to the electric Ford Focus though.

      • cobrawolverine Nov 28, 2011 10:23 AM Flag

        'Geez - let it play out and see what comes of it. I suspect that there's some learning that all OEMs will benefit from'..

        Yea, like you when you gave TM the benefit of the doubt.

        You are such the bigot.

      • Dear New VOLT Owner,

        Your quality GM vehicle has been designed to burn up under CERTAIN conditions. For 2012, your premium GM vehicle also features TOTAL CLAIM ASSURANCE, standard. This new GM system means your Chevrolet VOLT is designed to completely self-destruct after crashes. Gone are the days of new rattles, shimmies, poor paint matching, and pesky body shop return visits. After any minor crash, your VOLT simply burns up to completely reboot your ownership experience.

        Gone are the days of unsatisfactory repairs and that repaired car that is never quite right again! Just remove your personal belongings, park your VOLT in an isolated area, and wait a few days. After notification by local fire crews that your TOTAL CLAIM ASSURANCE system has activated, just report a total loss to your insurance company. Then stop in to any authorized Chevrolet dealer to choose your new Chevrolet VOLT!*



        * Owner responsible for removal of personal belongings and for maintaining a current comprehensive coverage and liability insurance. GM not responsible for payment of owner insurance premiums, losses due to inactive or cancelled policies, or collateral damage caused by intentionally parking a vehicle with TOTAL CLAIM ASSURANCE in a populated area, inside a structure or near other vehicles. Other restrictions apply. GM does not condone activation of TOTAL CLAIM ASSURANCE to destroy other criminal evidence, including but not limited to unauthorized cremation of deceased persons, disposal of murder victims, etc.


        Your GM VOLT Team

      • "please know that it only occurred under CERTAIN conditions and after a significant crash event."

        True enough. But what about the garage fires? These should be a much greater concern for GM. With only 5,000 vehicles in circulation, in a population over 150 million vehicles, the chance of two garage fires where there were Volt's present is most likely NOT coincidental.

      • "happened under CERTAIN conditions"
        LMAO. DOn't all disasters happen under CERTAIN conditions?

        "...all OEMs will benefit from"
        Who knew? This was after all a public service exercise by General Motors. Stick to your day job. You are a horrible spinmeister.

      • Last year people believed Toyotas had developed minds of their own and were barreling off at 90 mph as a way of tormenting the poor slob in the driver's seat.

        We know those claims were false.

        But when a Volt pulls into a gas station to refill the tank for its little engine, and a spark from its lithium-ion battery starts a massive fire, GM will begin to worry.

        Or maybe that will give GM the reason it needs to pull the plug on this loser, its electric Edsel.

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