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  • verum_i verum_i Dec 15, 2011 12:08 PM Flag

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    Duhtroit – Blue Mountain

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    • The Rat ID became alive in August 2011, don't be surprised if this ID isn't just another ID of a old GM Hater.

    • <<Amazingly simple 6-speed. The most amazing came from France!!! Really?>>

      When I worked at Strasbourg, I had one of the very best gear guys I've ever seen. He was absolutely briliant...BUT, the trade off for his brilliance was personal hygiene if you know what I mean.

    • No, BMW uses the 6L45.

    • Would that be the 6L80-90? I was going to use that rav. I opted for the Ford rav cuz they gave me all the math data...hugely helpful.

      I have seen that video before. It's very funny. Better tell RAT and Blue it's a spoof, they wouldn't know the difference.

      Reminds me of a time at GM when I was the student and the very best engineer I have had the pleasure of working with, Pat Gibson was drawing on a white board the various phases of a shift ( graphing and so forth ). Well he didn't erase it. The next morning, the cleaning crew taped up a sign that read, transmission engineers are from Mars....;)

      No one appreciates the omplexiies of an automatic transmission. They are mechanical art. One last point, in the late 90s GM hydramatic hired some folks from GE out of Dayton. Their previous jobs were jet engines. They all commented that the automatic trans was vastly more complex than a jet engine. They aren't sexy like engines, but they are way cool.

    • GM only used the Ravignueax set in the BMW version.

      Did you watch the explanation video I linked?

    • Well now the insufferable narcissistic starving inventor speaks for the board. How utterly "humble" of you. Bottoms up kimes. Don't gag on that thickening juice of yours.


    • Ya know blue, I am ashamed actually. I can't believe I have lowered myself in your cess pool. I lowered my standards cometely. I can understand your embarrassment cuz the Verum dude is just brilliant...and if we took a vote...I think the board would agree that you aren't man enough to carry his jock strap.

      As for RAT...well most of the board agrees he is just a bomb throwing juvenile. It doesn't surprise me that you'd be right there beside him. I actually enjoy RAT...he is an idiot, but he is original. You are the other hand are neither original nor enjoyable. You are now on ignore and I will no longer engage in your mind numbing romper room taunts....grow up....Best of luck.

    • I can't speak for the other guy, but I'm concerned that your gambling habit (which you unwisely call an "investment strategy") is detrimental to your marriage and entire family life. Have you sought professional help for that, yet?

    • My stratum corneum and stratum licidum are just fine. Someone like you will never be able to penetrate either. Like I said, you just don't have the tools.

    • Why are you and RAT so interested in my personal life? I don't know how to break this to you hill billy, but I'm married. Maybe you and RAT can hook up though, he like ^zz kissers.

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