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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 Jan 4, 2012 10:31 PM Flag


    How do you like GM NOW?

    I think I did mention a few times, if you are still employed at or around GM and VOLT or involved in planning your future around the success of VOLT....better start looking for a career change or apply for a visa and see how fast you can learn Chinese and work in China.

    Of course there is a link! Wouldn't want it any other way.

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    • I know all those guys, Phil hired me at one knows just how good tranny guys are at GM, best in the world...hands down. GM has the best shift quality on the planet...after all, it's where automatics grew up.

      As always, great make me long for the old days...I loved working with those people, we moved the needle...

    • It's impossible to tell from the content of his posts.

    • Thanks cheblammo. And thanks for standing in for MAllen!

    • Really great post - since Mallen appears to be busy allow me to reply to your thoughtful post on his behalf:

      "Yeah! Well I still say they suck!!"

      You're welcome

    • <<That is easy to tell from the caliber of engineers they have hanging around GM. Mosyt of them couldn't get gainful employment at another automotive company.>>

      MAllen, got to disagree on this one, at least the part of GM where I spent my time. Ever look at a transmission valve body? I can't imagine designing the first one, and I am an engineer by training (non practicing for many years).

      We sold Volvo transmisions for several years before Ford bought them. The conditions of sale were that we sold them the hardware, but they wanted to do the software calibration themselves. Several months before launch of the product, I was at Volvo in Gothenberg, Sweden on other business and they asked me to drive a couple of cars (our transmission was going into the S80). To make a long story short, the calibration was awful...we would NEVER have accepted it, and I told them that. They asked if we could help so I called the engineering people back in the states and they responded with a team of about 6 calibration engineers within a day or so. I stayed over there to kind of sheppard these guys (a little out of my swim lane at the time, but the Chief Engineer and I were good buddies, so I helped him out).

      I was never so proud of GM. These young guys came in and within a couple of weeks had a really nice shift package in place. They were all business, worked well with the Swedes, and we had a very nice dinner at the end of the 2 weeks hosted by Volvo. It cemented a really good relationship beyond the normal business relationship.

      I give credit to the engineering community for a lot of business we had outside of GM as well. At one time or another, GM transmissions were in Jaguar, Rolls Royce (even today), BMW (again currently), Isuzu, Suzuki, Daewoo, Ferrari and Opel. In all of this business, our entry to the company was always thru Engineering as opposed to Purchasing. More recently, GM has sold IP to Ford as well.

      During the late 90's, we were losing a lot of engineers to Ford, John Kimes was probably one of them. In fact Ford's head of transmission engineering came from GM.

      So, I think you're a little of base on this one.

      John Kimes, if you read this the head calibration guy was Mike P. and my buddy, the chief engineer was Jim L. The head of Ford transmission engineering was Phil Y.

    • I did last night want post by post comparisons? Really? Your claims about what my volt sales numbers are for 2012 are always inflated and it's on purpose...yes you have no credibility...and it doesn't surprise me that you don't care if you do. You lie to make us supporters look's a poor attempt.

      I never said I didn't work for GM...anyone on here for more than a day knows I am an EX-GM engineer including you. Maybe you aren't a liar, maybe you are just senile..maybe your misrepresenting is just a mental condition. I also wasn't defending myself as an ex-GM engineer. I was defending those fine men and women I worked with who are still there and are amongst the worlds finest. But what would you know about that?

      GM isn't number one because the sell junk can keep saying it, but that will never make it true.

    • "This is the kind of posting and slander that kills any thread of credibility you think you may have had...have you even met a GM engineer?"
      I am not running for a political office. I couldn't care less if YOU think I have credibility or not. If you were that concerned about MY credibility, you wouldn't spend as much time calling me a LIAR and promise to prove it. Which you never did by the way.

      You have to back off from every post of yours attacking someone or another as part of its content.
      You do better if you stick to engineering stuff and post without embellishing.

      You SAID you didn't work for GM, so you have no business defending their engineers. I was talking about them and that excludes you at this point unless you want to be included.

      When I look back at some of the products that came from GM in the last 30 years I feel well justified condemning them as bunch of idiots based on their products I had to sell.

    • I haven't really followed his post all that closely, but it would be easy enough to figure out the engineering claim

    • John, the dolt who posts under the name personality_less claims to be a GM engineer. It would be near impossible for you to write enough technical fact filled posts to cancel out that antagonistic buffoon.

    • This is the kind of posting and slander that kills any thread of credibility you think you may have had...have you even met a GM engineer?

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