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  • snthsnth1 snthsnth1 Mar 13, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    If all businesses could pay employees a dollar an hour


    corporate profit would soar! That's why we need to get rid of Unions and cut wages on all labor.

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    • <<If all businesses could pay employees a dollar an hour>>

      If people worked for nothing we would have full employment. Just like in the slavery days. It took a civil war to force capitalist to give up slavery!

      sandollor (:-:)

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      • If people worked for nothing we would have full employment.

        That is silly. People don't have to work for nothing, but they do have to work
        for market prices if there is to be full employment. If wages are lower and
        production is increased (formerly idle people producing means more goods/
        services brought to market), the increased production can only clear the market
        at lower prices.

        Slavery was inherited from the previous social order. It wasn't an institution
        of capitalism. In fact, it was capitalism that brought it to an end. It was
        only in the U.S. that a war was fought over slavery. The rest of the Western
        world gave it up voluntarily.

      • "It took a civil war to force capitalist to give up slavery!"
        Is that from the Idiots Guide to American History?
        Surprised you are not quoting from Gone With The Wind!

    • If all businesses could pay employees a dollar an hour >

      we would be back in 1900 with TR taking on the corporations

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      • Employers ARE paying $1.00 an hour... They ar paying it to Chinese, to Indians, to Vietnamese.

        Don't get too caught up on the "$1.00 an hour: thing, it is for demonstration purposes only. Substitute "going rate", "competitive wages", minimum wage" etc.

        In the 1920's when everyone was making $3.00 an hour you wouldn't think about asking for $10.00 an hour for your time fearing they may laugh at you.
        Why would you ask for more than the going rate in 2012? The difference is you are now part of a Global work force and THAT is the going rate!
        Don't like it? I don't either. In that case make it conducive enough for American Companies to stay here employing Americans. Don't make it more attractive for them to leave for greener pastures because of silly demands for pay and benefits which is something unions are good at.

      • You are an idiot. Many years before MW was even thought of FORD was paying a premium wage and working only 8 hours a day.
        When you think about it, most laws do more harm than good.
        Wages and benefits must be an agreement between labor and mgt. A job must provide the company more profit than the employee is paid. Gov't can't make this decision.
        Gov't regulating every thing is socialism.

    • In a capitalistic country, wages and benefits are supposed to be an agreement between labor and mgt. Since FDR we have been racing to socialism. Minimum wage is pure socialistic.
      Just think 'if you wanted to work for a dollar an hour' some one hired you at this price and only paid you the $1/hr they will be fined or jailed for violating the MW law.
      What has happened to our freedom?
      Idiot leaders like BO, Reid, Pelosi and many, many others we have elected have just about ruined the country.
      Think about it.

    • Great idea! Then we could tax corporate profit at 98% and eliminate the personal income tax!

    • And yet businesses hardly even drop wages to as low as the minimum wage. So you simply have no argument, whatever you believe you're implying.

      The average wage in the USA is about $18/hr. That's over double the minimum wage. Tell me: Why don't all businesses just drop to the minimum wage? Let's play the 'implying game'.

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      • Tell me: Why don't all businesses just drop to the minimum wage?

        Managers believe that it is demoralizing to reduce wages. And, with an economy
        functioning on fiat money, prices are usually on the rise which in fact is
        reducing wages.

        Although few (if any) reading this will agree, we would all be better off with
        sound money and prices that accurately reflect market conditions. Many will
        conclude that they are better off being paid more than they are worth than they
        would be if they were paid what they are worth. In the case of wages, when some
        are over paid there necessarily must be unemployment and/or underemployment.
        Lives wasting away in inactivity or destructive behavior is the result of over
        payment of wages some place in the economy.

        In addition to that, the pay in your pay envelope is only one component of your
        pay. What you can buy with it is at least as important as how much you get.

        The lead post in this thread implies that without unions, real wages would be
        lower and that is completely wrong.

    • Your talking about a public employee, not a company employee. DuPont established the pension back when they manufactured gun powder and families were left with nothing if the plant blew up. Those times are gone and DuPont no longer offers the pension plan to new employees, but did until a few years ago. It was the right thing to do, and it was right to take care of the obligations they made to employees who helped them grow and thrive so current employees have a place to work. Changes in the global competitive workplace, has made the old pension plan uncompetitive however. They now focus on matching contributions and reduced/contributory healthcare coverage, shadowing social norms and changes. They remain a strong and vibrant company.


    • Very poor punctuation...send me back to public school please!


    • <<<"In which case, it would seem only fair that the pension plans of these blue collar workers should be protected from theft by the companies, eh?">>>

      Now, now; lobbyists worked very hard for companies to be able to reduce the percentage of funding for those pension plans.

    • <<<<<evian you are the best addition to this board in along time- pound the SAP at every oppurtunity>>>>>


      I think jeyehawky likes you.


    • The better companies do just that. DuPont has a pension program as a separate company...DuPont Pension Plan, so if DuPont were to get in trouble (VERY unlikely), the pensioners are protected.


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