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  • MAllen1998 MAllen1998 Aug 21, 2012 6:45 PM Flag

    10 Electric cars I wouldn't mind owning!

    Notice there is no mention of GM or VOLT!

    Like I have been saying, when Electric cars become the norm, other will do it better!

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    • Many have been uncertain about the potential of electric cars making a real dent in the auto market, and to some degree, they have had good reason. Purely electric vehicles have struggled to gain a foothold, but plug-in hybrid vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt from General Motors Company (GM) have been doing quite well. Others are taking note of the success of these vehicles, but General Motors is in a good place to dominate the market, with the Volt being one of the earlier success stories with this type of vehicle. This vehicle puts General Motors in a good position to enjoy the benefits of plug-in hybrid popularity and the more traditional options as well. While its success will increase the competition, growth in the plug-in market should offset this and keep General Motors in a strong position.

    • "MAllen is insane, and has departed our galaxy.

      It's taken me awhile to reach this conclusion. I will ignore him until our bet is settled: 15-33.

      Go General!"
      This message board has seen many like you, who remain slave to their own mistakes. So you buy a few shares of GM stock because you "read their financials" and reached the conclusion that this is the stock to buy! You were proven WRONG. So you double down. You go ahead and buy one of their cars to boot!
      Still wrong, and I am the one who is INSANE?

      $33 before $15? As if you needed additional proof how impaired your judgement is.

    • <Sounds like another mindless current or former GM employee who couldn't decide anything on his own.>

      Just from this guys reply, he seems to have total disdain for all GM employees. They must have traumatized this MAllen fellow during his tenure at a dealership.

      More than likely some GM employee had a hand in his situation whereby he is no longer in the employ of a GM dealer, hence his seething anger.

      His continued paranoia about other posters on this board indicates that his mental illness is getting worse. Pretty soon his wardrobe will consist of a straight jacket.

      We can only hope.

    • "MAllen is insane, and has departed our galaxy"

      Good riddance! He will be missed by none.

    • MAllen is insane, and has departed our galaxy.

      It's taken me awhile to reach this conclusion. I will ignore him until our bet is settled: 15-33.

      Go General!

    • mellons job used to be to say"de plane boss,de plane"

    • MAllen's whole message board life is a fantasy. His shorting, his occupation, his portfolio, his "yacht", his stable of cars, etc., etc.

    • "Another fantasy post by the mellon ?"
      Is COMPREHENSION a fantasy for you?
      What were you before you became cashless"? You know you became that just recently.

      Here is your first post on August 1st.
      Would it be better go after a large settlement or to take smaller settlement and get better agreements on future royalties? just asking"

      Sounds like another mindless current or former GM employee who couldn't decide anything on his own. Even his own future finances.

      Stop reading my posts. There is nothing in them that will teach you anything.
      Get yourself a financial planner who can make your decisions for you. After 30 days you probably still don't have a clue which is better.

    • Another fantasy post by the mellon ?

    • I didn't realize I needed any defending.
      I can defend myself just fine. If you mean there are the same three or four who jump all over everything I post, you maybe surprised to learn there are fewer than that if they were to use only one name.

      It is never popular to be the voice of SHORTS on any message board. You know this from the NBG board. Yes?

      Let's take a look at what YOU are defending.

      1-Your decision of having bought a VOLT.
      After "extensive" research you reached a conclusion even the uneducated WITH NO research could have told you it was a horrible conclusion.

      2-25 years ago your choice of a car was a Sprint. Surprised it wasn't a Chevette.

      3-A year ago you came in "neutral" and after a year you are now a GM investor! How's that working out for you?

      4-I will take it to my grave you are bogus. Even your terminology with your "visits to the dealerships". You made your rounds. Your address changed from Thousand Oaks to Mechanicsburg rather rapidly. I didn't ridicule what you did for a living. I ridiculed what an awful job you did trying to cover it up.

      5-You liked the financials of GM. After you gave it your blessing and picked GM, it plummeted to $18.72

      6-Your first post on this board was you crowing about how GM was buying back all the defective VOLTS(which they didn't) On that day the GM shares were $21.24. Today they are $21.44

      Maybe next time you will let someone else do your "extensive research" on what cars to buy and where to invest your money. You are not doing too good on your own. Certainly not good enough to mock me and ME shorting GM for the same period.At least I am not driving a VOLT.

      Jealous? I was right and you were wrong for almost a year? Is that what is bothering you?

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