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  • adventures_of_dingleberry_dog adventures_of_dingleberry_dog Sep 9, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    If you think Romney's religious beliefs are strange, then

    here's what I believe:

    I believe that scientists working on the human genome isolated a genetic defect that leaves certain parts of the human population and all of their descendants open to extreme gullibility, a willingness to cultivate outrageous religious beliefs, below average intelligence, and a propensity to extraordinarily cruel, vicious, and mob-psychotic behaviors, like mass killing and genocide. I also believe that once successfully isolated from the rest of society these unfortunates were put on this planet 100,000 years ago by those who were fortunate to be rid of us.

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    • Don't knock Mitt's beliefs. He firmly believes Joseph Smith obtained a pair of magic glasses from an angel and some golden tablets to interpret and then both were returned. Why is that strange.

      And christianity isn't? Some guy born half god half man?

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      • Strange indeed. Gods, Deities, So what do you believe in?
        Some people today still believe in a Flat Earth. Strange indeed.
        But remember that at one time the best science of that time proved the earth was flat and if you did not believe in a Flat Earth,,, You Were Strange.

        So do you believe in the Big Bang?
        Do you believe in Man Made Global Warming?
        Is Science your god, or are you your own self proclaimed deity?
        Not everything that Can Be Counted Counts.
        Not everything that Counts can be Counted".
        Strange, ain't it...

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