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  • iffydog iffydog Sep 18, 2012 9:42 AM Flag

    GM wants to shortchange the taxpayers


    No wonder half the people hate GM and would never buy another car from them. GM shortchanged the bondholders, the stockholders the car buyers, and now the taxpayers. No wonder why everyone hates them. From 1.5 million workers in 1979 to 390 thousand now! Yes GM is putting themselfs out of business!

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    • "... No wonder half the people hate GM ..."

      This appears to fall into the black-and-white logical fallacy sort of thinking, IMO.

      I think only half of the very silly ones would hate GM so much they would never buy another car from GM, just because of the taxpayer money. For the other half of the silly ones, I fear, if GM gave them a good deal, they would grow a long beard, sneak into the next GM dealership, and come back with a Volt ... almost guaranteed. In my experience, females are more inclined to let reason prevail in these kinds of situations, so there's no need for a beard ... they proabably boast about the great deal they got for their new Volt next time they meet their neighbors ... lol.

      The conservative goverment 2008 for finishing it up. Think about the consequences of what would have happened if the governments around the world had not intervened and saved the car industry - and all directly or indirectly dependent industries - from a total collapse. Deja vu in 1932.

      Anyway, America needs a strong domestic car industry, and competitors like Toyota make it even stronger. And I want to make money - I guess that's a fair goal - and my GM trading generates a fair ROI.

    • In your first sentence you claim half the people hate GM , then in your third sentence you claim everyone hates them . Which is it ?

    • gm is offering 11.5 billion dollars to buy back stock it sold for 16.5 billion dollars?? Did I figure this right? Toyota Camry - America's car!

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