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  • cashless52 cashless52 Oct 15, 2012 7:51 PM Flag

    the funny thing about this board is about 60%(my est.)hate gm

    But they spend day after day tearing apart an american company?Why?chrysler went bk?vw went bk(i think twice)and yet the germans don`t trash vw?WHY?why is it only the me me me spoiled americans that continue the hate?WHY?our goverment is bk but they don`t want to stop their handouts?they
    only care about me me me?WHY?
    gm and the uaw did their share to cause the problem????????BUT,no more than greedy lawyers,bankers,wall streeters,politicians,big companies and a lot of poor blue collar slobs.the problem with the haters is they wanted to get more themselves?
    just saying

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    • I have a few thoughts why, but not the time. I will say a couple things. I really, really laugh the way you pound a good "pile of rust" into the end of your messages. Funny use of overkill. Do all Toyotas really rust like that? Nah. Does the Tundra? Yes, in fact, it has had a recall for it! There is no explanation for some of the stuff on here.

      Also, all the government stuff on here......... State government after state government have GIVEN enormous tax breaks to foreign corporations. Don't have time to name them all. Repeat. GIVEN American taxpayer money and not loaned. Yet poster after poster drones on about a LOAN to an AMERICAN car company employing hundreds of thousands of people. Go figure...........

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      • New York Mohawk: Move toxic General Motors dump from tribal lands
        Published: Monday, March 26, 2012, 9:22 AM

        Among 89 polluted ex-GM industrial locations around the country, the 270-acre site at Massena is getting the largest single share, about $121 million, of the $773 million cleanup budget established in bankruptcy court last year.

        == The new, post-bankruptcy General Motors is no longer legally liable, but Thompson says the company, which posted 2011 net income of $7.6 billion, should pay for a full cleanup and remove the landfill.

    • Think about it, that's great for an investor. As an investor you try to find undervalued companies, right? Surely a company that is hated more than another will have a larger discount to its fair value. So a hated company (if hated for the wrong reasons) is THE thing a great investor keeps his eyes peeled for every day of his investing life. You've found one! Cherish it, keep it, don't be upset, because with time you'll be richer (maybe happier?), and the haters will be where they were 3 years ago, at exactly the same point.

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      • LOL steffenhilgemann I wish had stuck with crbc instead of selling as early as I did I would be rich now lol..well bby looks like could do that for me. I don't know if you live in the states but best buy is not very good with service otherwice I think they are ok so since everyone else is selling electronics like crazy (amazon, walmart,target...) I don't see why with some cost cutting Best Buy cannot do that, I think by January or sooner we'll be in great shape. Do you have any other company you find interesting at this time?TIA

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      • Good speech, but...

        The US Government don't want their 500M shares.
        Canada and UAW don't want another 300M shares.
        Buy this stock and you never know when one or more of those will decide to sell.

        300M shares is a LOT of shares! That's over 30 trading days of volume held just by UAW Medical Trust and the Canadians, not to mention the US Govt's unwanted 500M shares.


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    • You just don't get it. This is not just about the message board for GM. This happens on just about every type of message board there is. Try any sports team, business or special interest message board. They all contain these gerbils who cut down other people's beliefs because they can do it anonymously. It gives these little people a sense of being important which they lack in real life.

    • sdmiller4747 Oct 15, 2012 9:38 PM Flag

      I purchased a Camaro one time. It burned oil. End of story...

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