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  • webuchadnezzar_reva webuchadnezzar_reva Nov 6, 2012 11:51 PM Flag

    Might be time to think about leaving CA

    Sell this place and move to a flyover state. There are still lots of conservative folks here in CA, but these past few years many decent people have left. So now we're stuck with more sponges. We're outnumbered and have little say in the political structure anymore.

    I can't believe we are giving this socialist more time to mess up this country. God help us all.


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    • What a dream world you guys live in.

      It isn't the common voters voting themselves benefits from the Treasury that threaten us. It's our plutocrats and corporations buying themselves benefits from the Treasury that threaten us.

      In California it was Agribusiness over the years that bought an open border. They like to have private profits, of course, but they also like Socialized expenses and losses. So that's what they bought in Sacramento and Washington.

      It was the Republican George W. Bush who took a dive in China's economic wars with the US. In his terms of office the US trade deficit ran over $2 1/2 billion per DAY for years on end. China's artificial currency and wages meant that Mexican factory workers made 4 times what Chinese ones did in 2003. As collateral damage NAFTA failed and Mexico's economy largely collapsed. The border area became a bloody narco state supported by money from the US. Large numbers of people from Mexico became economic refugees here and we would have done the same.. Yes, Bush did it.

      So now you won't pay to educate the kids, though they are a big part of the future of the economy that has to be there around you in your old age.

      California has a decided surplus of ROWG's - Raging Old White Guys frozen in time. You can leave anytime you want to. I'm demographically an Anglo in California, but most of my colleagues at work are from India and China and good neighbors too. Their kids are great - California kids who actually do home work and probably won't get a divorce.

      Don't slam the door.

    • one of the few post of yours i can agree with

    • Another dunb post-western kansas is probably at the top of your list-let me repeat what I said -WESTERN Kansas

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    • Last sanctuary is North San Diego, Web. Streets are so clean you can eat off them. It looks like all 3 Congressional districts are going R, and we beat up the unions in a pension bill and some lame school tax is going down. San Diego city looks like the mayor will be a R, and he is gay, which helped his cause.

      CA is just a land of entitlement queens. I'm set for the next 5 or 10 years but after that find me a state where people work for a living and where I can live relatively tweaker free (forget about Oregon and Washington they have more thieves/tweakers).

    • Don't let the door hit you in the #$%$!

    • Wow, web I gave you a thumbs up. God help us. I've seen Obama 2016 Plus Dreams of My Real Father, Frank Marshal Davis Google him.

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      • 1 Reply to jeyebolt2003
      • In short, Davis’s discomfort over Stalin’s agreement with Hitler was not enough to keep him from joining the Party. He still drank from the chalice.

        For the record, this wasn’t the only time that Davis helped accommodate Hitler. In 1940, he hooked up with one of the worst, most seditious communist fronts ever to operate in the United States: the American Peace Mobilization. That group, which in 1940 sought to keep America out of the war and from stopping Hitler because Hitler (at the time) was allied with Stalin, was organized by CPUSA and the Comintern in Chicago, which was where Davis was located. The communists who organized the “peace” mobilization sought out dupes from the Religious Left and other various “progressive” factions. They also directly recruited African Americans, claiming that the evil FDR was seeking to send black boys to their death to fight for evil Churchill and the British. This was the kind of vulgar propaganda that CPUSA regularly peddled. One of the African Americans that they targeted was Frank Marshall Davis. This was a powerful factor in bringing Davis into the Party as an eventual full member.

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