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  • iffydog iffydog Nov 11, 2012 9:03 AM Flag

    From 5 million USA cars a few years ago


    to 2.5 million USA built cars today. While Chrysler and Ford are building car plants in China GM gave away the blueprints for a small per car fee. While Ford and Chrysler get the keep the profits from china plants GM gets none. How dumb was GM????

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    • Since the UAW won this past election for the debtocrats, Its toyota, nissan all the way.

    • Only GM could get in a contract that cost them 9 billion not to buy more fiat stock when they owned part of fiat. Now fiat owns Chrysler, nice going GM.

    • All of you seem to forget one thing. Corporations are in businesses to make money, not to win friends and influence people.
      Chrysler took stymulus money, recovered, has money left over, building a big Jeep plant in China. They could care less about American jobs. It's all about money.
      Our politicians need to understand this. Rules, regulations, law, taxes and unions cut into the corps bottom line. They will do anything to get around them, even to the point of going out of business.
      Gov't must get out of the way as much as possible if an economy will grow.

    • "... GM gave away the blueprints for a small per car fee. ..."

      I asked you already once, what's this "small per car fee" about? Provide a link or leave it in your (B)(S) generator's rectum.

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