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  • insidetrack22 insidetrack22 Nov 15, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

    Please cut out the politics here....

    Does not matter who is president. As long as we consume more goods than we make, than there is a deficit. Deficit leads to interest payments, interest payments further puts us into a financial hole. No president elect has the guts to tell the American people to spend what they can afford and stop spending on things you don't need. We complain about chinese made goods yet we are unwilling to pay higher prices for better quality. We complain about the deficit, yet we like to drive big cars guzzling foreign oil. We like to point fingers at others yet the we are all at fault. The rich look for tax loop holes, the poor abuse welfare system, the middle class buys on credit and defaults on housing. We complain about the rich, the poor, whites, blacks, etc...if everyone would stop complaining and start by improving yourself, USA economy will improve irregardless who is president.,

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    • Thank you for this excellent post. We've definitely caused some of this to ourselves - with no one else to blame. The issue of Chinese goods on the cheap is totally our fault. Go to Wal-mart, for example. Donald Trumps line of merchandise sold @ Macy's is another example. And the list goes on and on.

      IMHO we're turning an important corner with a much better year coming up.

    • Politics are important.

      The dow Jones dropped 6000 point in 4 months after Obama won the 2008 election. Car sales collapsed

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