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  • mr_johnson2u mr_johnson2u Dec 2, 2012 12:40 AM Flag

    Romney would have been a great President

    Would have brought back the economy, focused on controlled, limited spending, found ways to bring new revenue to the US. Paul Ryan was great, too. Ryan certainly possesses at least 10x the intelligence of Bozo Biden. Too bad we didn't elect Romney/Ryan. Sad state of things to come in the near future.

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    • This is a joke right???? US Pres. does not create ANY jobs!!!! only gov't. and gov't. backed/funded jobs-that you and I fund!!!!! see CEO pay under repubs. Now see US stock market Dem. vs Repubs. so- why you still on a stock mrkt. related msg. board?? Also,weren't you one of those who said they would move if O was re-elected?? How much for your fire-sale shanty??? Or are you w/Mcconnel and co. who are going to spend the next four years working against O's re-election by teaming w/big biz to shut the country down even further only to be rewarded w/4 more years dealing with a Biden/Clinton landslide......

    • I like what Trump said, "We elected Obama and we must live with him for the next 4 years".
      Would of, should of, could of, doesn't mean a thing.

    • The Republicans in Congress would likely have fought Romney nearly as bitterly as Obama.

      Remember that a lot of the vulnerable looking programs support the economy of the core South. Only Texas and Georgia - because of metro Atlanta - make a living among the core Deep South states. The rest are on welfare. They are enabled to be social and economic fossils with our money. They are also the Republican core of today. Our Grandfathers would find today's Republicans not even Conservative.

      Romney's expertise seems fairly narrow. I'd like to see him at a think tank in Washington - most of the numbers are publicly available and the rest could come from Republicans in Congress.

      Ryan is another story. His Medicare Replacement plan sends billions more to insurance companies and can only work financially by cutting US life expectancy by five years or more. Ryan is a Libertarian and apparently has no problem with people ideally dying in net worth order. So far in the budget debates the Republicans are trying to get us to focus solely on "entitlements" when so much money is going to their financial supporters.

      The US already has the lowest life expectancy of the Western developed countries. But medical care overall plus the financial sector costs us 1/4 US GDP which is a crony capitalist outrage. The military budget is so high it's making us less secure by being closer to broke. Corporations have bought tax breaks to help them move offshore. Of course the problems mostly originated in the bipartisan Pay-To-Play Washington political system. It looks like we are running a trillion a year in excess expenses without even thinking about "entitlements".

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      • "The US already has the lowest life expectancy of the Western developed countries."

        A good part of that is largely due to the choices we Americans make. Like a) food choices b) lack of excercise c) basic preventative care

        I could go on...

        Also, did anyone see 60 Minutes last night? And we wonder why our freakin' health care costs are so high. I was so TICKED off after I saw that! If you haven't, please check it out...

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    • Romney sucked! He would have sold off what little remains USA and what few jobs we have left that pay over 10.00 an hour!

    • "... Paul Ryan was great, too. Ryan certainly possesses at least 10x the intelligence of Bozo Biden. ..."

      ... and seemingly 20x of yours.

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