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  • cashness52 cashness52 Dec 2, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    Clean up this board.

    no thats not why i changed my id by 1 letter and i also didn`t hide it.someone told me i should.
    besides when the pro import clone copied me?what was it i posted that bothered you so much?i don`t post crude post?i try not to attack anyone except as a joke?i make jokes(JOKES)about imports,again JOKES?
    jokes?but?but i see a lot of thumbs ups on my post by people who don`t post alot?you guys act like if everyone dosn`t agree with your hateful ways their wrong?i for one don`t really care if you agree with me or not,i`ll post jokes if i want and put me on ignore if you want,your choice to have that opinion of me?
    if everyone posted as jokes instead of all the persoal attacks like you do to jay for his opinion,the board would clean itself up.

    i come here and post as entertainment,why do you pro import posters come here?hate?
    i think you need to do some soul searching if you come here for hate?jmho

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