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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Dec 10, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    What % of Wal Mart employees make enough to pay Federal Income Tax

    How many on this board thinks Wal Mart will treat you with respect? How many think that Wal Mart will pay you enough so you can support a family without being a manager? Now you are making $12 a hour and you go and hire a Lawyer for $200 a hour to fight Wal Mart for you. Would there be labor problems at Wal Mart is they was treating employees right?

    There are a lot of reasons to dislike Wal-Mart. From running small-town businesses into the ground to its notorious environmental “green washing,” Wal-Mart has a reputation for being the big corporation everyone loves to hate.

    But the company’s most egregious problems are with labor. Accusations against the company range from workers being denied overtime to union busting. The company’s corporate management insists that these accusations are unfounded and that this rhetoric is slander meant to bring down the company. But Wal-Mart continues to pay out millions of dollars in settlements from lawsuits brought against the company. In the last two years, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled against Wal-Mart six times for activities related to union-busting.

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    • What idiotic thinking. People like you that think Wal Mart does not do right, you should not shop there. Think. First, the gov't has interrered with employer-employees rights by passing a minimum wage law, now Obama care. Gov't should not be in a position to tell an employer how much they must pay an employee.
      If you accept a job at Wal Mart you accept the pay they offer. If you don't like the pay, go somewhere else. Customers that do not approve of Wal mart's system, they should shop somewhere else. This is called freedom of choice.
      Overtime is a company decision. Unions are an employee right, not a law.
      What I expect to see companies do in the near future is to hire all employees with a written contract of, say, 6 months and at the end of that an automatic renewal of 1 to 6 months. This will allow the company to sever their relationship with any employee they don't like for what ever reason.
      Now if the gov't was serious and they believed Wal Mart under sold the Mom and Pop store then maybe they should pounce on the wholeseller to make them sell to everyone at the same price. Again, this is terrible.

    • Unskilled labor is only worth so much. All the big box stores pay $10-12 an hour for line employees and there is no shortage of them.

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      • Midland and Odessa TX are in a unique situation. Our unemployment rate is 3rd lowest in the Nation - hiring is difficult at best. Wal-Mart and McDonald's offers $14 for beginning part-time. The able bodied go to oilfield companies as they pay huge money - just to get whatever help they can. $1000 a week for about 70 hrs is common in the oilfield.

        Housing, apartments, hotels are stressed. It's crazy, actually. Parking an RV is difficult, spaces just are not easy to find.

        Jobs all over the place out here - housing is the big problem. We're working on that with at least 5 new apartment communities under construction and about 800 new single family homes are approved for construction, right now. 5 new hotels are under construction. 2 new "mancamps" are in development. These consist of manufactured homes divided into 4 or 5 efficiency apartments - 2 parks are developing. There are rules for living enforced for everyone's protection.

        Lots of interesting approaches to our housing issues.

    • "In the last two years, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ruled against Wal-Mart six times for activities related to union-busting."

      Again, when these alleged issues crop up against employees, the employees (or their legal representatives, incl. the ALCU) have their day in court. And they win.

      Therefore, UNIONS ARE NOT NECESSARY. These workers are protected under federal law and OSHA stuff!

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