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  • jeyebolt2003 jeyebolt2003 Dec 13, 2012 3:47 PM Flag

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: So how many members will opt out of UAW when they get the chance?

    I don't know why sometimes Yahoo doesn't have the reply

    "1. The UAW leaderships average salary is $94,428 and they have 525 of 887 of the people paid by the UAW making more than $75,000 per year."
    Just like management as the number of employees become less, their should be less bosses.
    The same goes for the Union

    "2. They schedule conventions in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Hollywood, FL, etc. with all expenses paid for the leadership AND their families."
    Does our politicians and management do the Same? Is it right NO. I know a Priest that got into with the Bishop because he didn't think it was right that they meet on Mackinac Inland. I agree with him.
    " 3. They support political candidates that are contrary to your beliefs."
    Yes most of the Time, like I said before it is wrong. Are the Repubilcan always right? NO. Again use a Open Mind. Is Fox news always right? Did you enjoy the way they bash GM and the Volt. I think the Jeep mistake and GM bashing cost the Repubilcans the election. Everytime I talked with one on the phone I told them to leave the Auto Industry out of it. To go after the real problems lack of tax paying jobs, our debt and the stock market crooks

    "4. They trade your rights and legitimate grievances to take care of the druggies and lazy bums."
    Yes it happened some times. I think there is Federal Laws that protected those 13 Chrysler worker, if they agreed to go to class for drinking and drug problems. If it happened again they should be gone.I had no pull to get into GM. But after being on the job I found out the a lot of the Bosses had gotten Family in. Remember I hired in in 1963. That all changed sometime in 1965. This is when GM had to hire by the numbers game that really hurt the work force.

    "Would you continue to pay dues in a RTW state? Please tell me why either way".
    Tuff question, but as a open mind I'll say yes. It a cheap lawyer. As a employer and you have 2000 employees and your time is being takened up because they all take turns asking for more pay and benefits. I hope I answered most of your questions

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    • "Just like management as the number of employees become less, their should be less bosses."
      As the number of employees goes down, the number of management goes down.

      "Does our politicians and management do the Same?"
      We used to meet in beautiful Detroit at Cobo Hall.

      So you agree that all of the above is true regarding the UAW and you STILL will donate more money to perpetuate the scam. Unbelievable.

      • 1 Reply to wngr123
      • "We used to meet in beautiful Detroit at Cobo Hall."
        Look I know one of GM Pilots. I'm sure he didn't fly from Flint to Detroit. How about all the meetings in Traverse City, Mackinaw Inland.

        "So you agree that all of the above is true regarding the UAW and you STILL will donate more money to perpetuate the scam. Unbelievable"

        Do you think we could hire someone like Michael Moye. to negotiate a contract for us. I don't know why you are so bitter. Look it takes two to make a marriage and in most cases its both that makes a mess of it. So when I hired into GM at $2.59 I was suppose to stay at that pay the rest of my life.
        So everything the union did was a scam. Will you blame all of GM losing dealing unto the Union. Like with Perot and Fiat don't forget Saturn. The union went along with profit sharing and good old boy Roger found ways to spend it.
        I told you I didn't agree with everything the union did. I'm disappointed with you last sentence.

        Fort Worth, Texas — Josh Hamilton has agreed to a contract with the Los Angeles Angels,
        according to Texas Rangers manager Jon Daniels.

        Multiple reports say the deal is for five years and $125 million.

        Texas had hoped to sign the 2010 AL Most Valuable Player, who led the Rangers to consecutive World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011.
        to negotiate
        Speaking Thursday after a Rangers' holiday luncheon, Daniels said he had just been informed of the decision by Hamilton's agent, Michael Moye.

    • Are you STILL trolling? Are you seriously suffer from lack of attention that you need to troll?

      Good grief!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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