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  • iwasbanned2012 iwasbanned2012 Dec 19, 2012 3:15 PM Flag

    GM is going down in Business school history

    They'll be talking about how you get a strangle hold on the US, lose huge amounts of money, screw investors out of huge amounts of money and after being bailed out leave the government with even more lost money. As Michael Milken said get big enough so they can't let you fail.

    Well played UAW don't give an inch, the old timers can ride the wheels off of GM and not lose a thing. New people if there are any of you left, hmmmmm you get what's left over.

    GM doesn't have the cash for another auto slow down so this should be interesting this year or next. LOL.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Shoot, GM is already Business School fodder...always has been. As I recall from my college days of learning the Deming Method and all that TQM stuff, GM was the posterchild of doing it wrong. That was just from a quality perspective...the marketing folks really took them to town over what they called "Detroit Arrogance" and basically said that's why the Japanese (Remember when they were going to own the World?) pretty much took over a goodly portion of the US car market. That was years ago...OK, decades ago...

      Still holds though. Nobody thinks Quality after hearing GM. And who really wakes up saying "I can't wait to buy a new GM car"!

      But as a Business School Project? Yeah, good one! Lots to learn, lots to learn.

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