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  • cobrawolverine Dec 19, 2012 3:17 PM Flag

    Why can't GM pay the difference in the government loss?

    Talk about some good publicity. Act like you care a little bit, and in return, you may get some buyers back or new buyers. As I read here, they seem to have plenty of money to throw around.
    Enough people out there that resent GM for what they have done, why not get some back?
    I'm just saying.

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    • Are you mad? There is no logical reason to pay more than you have to. It was a scam to begin with.

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      • The government has never made money on anything. They forclosed and took over the "Mustang Ranch" in Vagas selling sex and alchohol and they couldn't even make money at that! Sex and alchohol is a no brainer.........

      • You must be talking about the Wall Street Casino bidding up the price of Energy today Oil by $1.58 a Barrel and Gasoline by over 5 cents wholesale. If it gets priced into retail price that will steal 5 x 1.4 Billion from our economy = $7 Billion.
        NEW YORK (AP) -- The nation's crude oil supplies fell last week, the government said Wednesday.

        Crude supplies decreased by 1 million barrels, or 0.3 percent, to 371.6 million barrels, which is 14.9 percent above year-ago levels, the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration said in its weekly report.

        Analysts expected a decrease of 2.3 million barrels for the week ended Dec. 14, according to Platts, the energy information arm of McGraw-Hill Cos.

        Gasoline supplies increased by 2.2 million barrels, or 1 percent, to 219.3 million barrels. That's 0.4 percent above year-ago levels. Analysts expected gasoline supplies to grow by 2 million barrels.

        Demand for gasoline over the four weeks ended Dec. 14 was 2.9 percent lower than a year earlier, averaging 8.5 million barrels a day.

    • Because they couldn't POSSIBLY make good on the billions they got in various forms.
      I think if you add up what they blew on GM, UAW, UAW Medical, GMAC, Ally Financial, etc. it adds up to $90B or so.

      Nice idea though. This buyback is only like $5B.


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      • Tell the whole truth web. I think it kinda hard for you to do.
        former General Motors (NYSE: GM ) financing arm Ally Financial announced this morning that it has repaid the federal government the remaining $4.5 billion it owed under the FDIC's Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program. In so doing, Ally says it has "effectively exited the [TLGP] program.
        As of now the Government is out $21 Billion on GM. But this number doesn't include the added taxes paid by workers of the Company that would have been on unemployment. Plus the Government still has 300 million shares. Don't forget GM is now adding jobs. Are the banks that got $Trillions adding jobs or cuttng? Remember I told you within 6 months after GM sheds the Government Monkey off its back the stock would be higher. I think you should worry about your Gold investments and not GM. You also should get rid of the Gift the Japanese Government has gave you over the last two months.Sooner or later what is going on in China the biggest market will catch up with the Toyota stock.

    • They don't have to. Our leader took our money and gave it to the UAW.

    • how about cancelling what's left of the $45 billion tax writeoffs they got coming out of bankruptcy. that certainly would take the smug off gm's face...

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